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Shy girl shows her best friend the Valentine’s Day card I gave?

What does it actually mean? Is that normal? She already knows I like her before I gave it, and I’m actually close with her best friend. That’s how I found out, that friend told me about it and how romantic the poem I wrote was lol.

PS: I gave it after-school, and she showed to her friend the next morning.

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5 Responses to “Shy girl shows her best friend the Valentine’s Day card I gave?”

  1. cassiepiehoney said:

    Best friends are privy to anything a guy gives,says or his girl. She is her sounding board, someone to help her think things over- it’s normal. My guy would die if he knew how much my bf knows about him.

  2. Beach Girl said:

    She’s showing it off.
    She’s happy you did something like that.
    It’s her most prized possesion.

  3. crazy vampire said:

    well it’s normal..they were probably talking about u… but if the girl liked u she was exited and or bragging.. its totally normal..nothing 2 freak out at… if u like this girl.. Grow a set of balls and ask her out

  4. Natalie said:

    Maybe as she was shy, she was rather proud to have a Valentines Day card, giving her a feeling of self confidence and self worth, most shy people are a little insecure. So perhaps she showed her best friend to show how happy she was. Its normal for a girl to tell her best friend about whats happening about her love life! 😀

  5. Maria F said:

    aww. 🙂 thats cute . okay but thats beside the fact , anyways to answer your question . if she showed her bestfrined the card you gave her its a good thing. and it is normal cause girls tend to exaggerate over little things like that and trust me i do it all the time . dont sweat it 🙂


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