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What is the best valentines gift to a girl?

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50 Responses to “What is the best valentines gift to a girl?”

  1. ♥EdwardCullenaholic♥ said:

    I know you’ve heard these b4 but the things that really make a girl happy are:
    -If you right a song for her (That usually makes us cry and thats a good sign)
    -Right a poem for her
    -Give her her favorite flowers(Maybe purple or Red or pink or dark blue…..oooohhh dark blue defenitly!)
    -Never give her chocolates!!!!!!!! Because that might give her the wrong sign like maybe shes trying to loose weight and that will only make her mad and your present will end up in the trash haha.
    -Give her a puppy!!!!(If you can afford it get her a malteese with a ribbon in her-gotta be a her- hair and it says something like ” Happy Valentines Day I love you”. )
    -A gift card to her fav store
    etc etc etc.

    Hope this helps!!!♥

  2. mastarider said:

    a litle somethin somethinn

  3. latinajessica101 said:

    A single rose

  4. Motown said:

    a rose
    or just come up with something special to say

  5. Cassie H said:

    Jewelry / Music Box
    A large play rose
    a gift certificate to clothing store

  6. Seatown_Baller said:

    A coach bag.

  7. Katerbug B said:

    a kiss! tehe

  8. Joshua W said:

    your love an a kiss an take her to the movies

  9. crazyboi said:

    chocolate or a ring that’s perfect but nothing to big

  10. french_horn47 said:

    Flowers, a card, a kiss.

    Simple, yet special.

  11. Hmm... said:

    great question.

  12. Shelinaaa. said:

    Heart box of chocolates
    a teddy bear that says I love you.
    and One rose [ fake so it can last long ]
    you know its cute when the guy stands there
    with that one flower
    hope i helped =D

  13. kassie c said:

    Chocolate and a soft cuddly bear

  14. Tristan C said:

    i would say maybe some flowers or just a plain old valentine but with some strong words

  15. The Wolf said:

    flowers, choclate, teddy bear, and if you know her well enough jewlery

  16. minimartin97 said:

    diamond neckless or a rose just one though you don’t want to over do it

  17. I luv animal said:

    A adorable Teddy bear :]

  18. BrazilianBarbie™ said:

    a cute charm bracelet with a significant (to you and her) charm on it

  19. ET said:

    Either a ring, a diamond heart necklace, or a stuffed animal with a picture of you and your girl friend!! Or A GIANT HEART that reads I LOVE YOU!!!

  20. Gimichi<3 said:

    Girls LOVVVVVEEE big giant stuffed animals like dogs teddy bears with chocolate 😀

  21. aznedisonx said:

    something the girl would like something special?

    depend on the girl and how long the relationship

  22. ☮ઇ‍ïઉMiss attitudeઇ‍ïઉ☮ツ said:

    Duh doh doh!!!!

    DIAMONDS ofcourse 😀

    if u can’t afford it just get her flowers and a GIANT teddy!!!!!!

  23. Rachel G said:

    maybe a nice dinner for two… and a rose and box of choclates… or maybe watch a film on ur sofa and have anice nyt in

  24. Gabe said:

    chocolate works almost everytime 😉

  25. xofunnyxhunnieox66 said:

    well when i was in 10th grade this kid in school gave her 4 large bouquet of different color roses a huge teddy bear and a really big box of chocolate! it was amazing! i was so happy for her…that would be the best gift for a girl lol

  26. Jenn said:

    roses always make me smile….

  27. beezy alert!! said:

    i would love a flower!
    just one…that way your not cheesey!
    white! with a homemade card!
    god that would be soo romantic!

  28. granny said:

    You can never go wrong with flowers, or jewelry.

  29. Sarah K said:

    You can never go wrong with flowers (roses!) and chocolate. It depends on what she likes. Most girls who are down to earth would probably also like a hand-written card. Hope this helps!

  30. myy name is... said:

    The best for me…because me and my boyfriend dont live in the same state is:
    Seeing him , spending the day together and dinner and maybe a little gift.Jewlery is always good

  31. Beth said:

    kinda cheesy and done b4 and clasic but get her 12 roses… 11real ones and 1 fake one… tell her you will love her till the last rose dies! 🙂 so cute!!

  32. ANGELA D said:

    If you listen to her, she has already gave you subtle hints. You know her best. I tell my husband all the time what I like and don’t, sometimes he has no clue, but I make sure I drop the hints all the time.

  33. J. B said:

    chocolate and a rose

  34. zaqim06 said:

    If you’re creative write her a song, draw her something, etc.

    If not, you can’t fail with flowers.

  35. Rollins_college7 said:

    flowers, candy, or if your loaded and have been with said girl for a long time 2 words: jewelry store

  36. Answer Man said:

    Jiggy with it.

  37. Christa R said:

    Depends on what she likes, you can do the usual dinner movie thing, or you can think outside the box and do something that might seem cheesy to you but might be perfect for her. We like flowers, or gifts…

  38. Moose said:

    flowers and a kiss

  39. pinkvh98 said:

    I would want something like chocolates or like a teddy bear also a pair of earings or a necklace. It all depends on the type of girl.

  40. sweet savannah said:

    Chocolate, of course.

  41. [email protected] said:

    Yr tounge In a flailing motion causing massive amounts of pleasure

  42. niki said:

    PENIS !!! i swear it will work she will love it

  43. Emma S said:

    Chocolate, flowers give her a complement, dinner, stuff like that.

  44. jay t said:

    You always have to include one of the classics, roses, dinner, jewelry, etc. But they will always remember it if you go out of your way to do something special. Try to base it around something you have in common, or you know she’s really into. You always have to put some thought into it, nothing’s easy.

  45. style_babyy said:

    a big white teddy bear with a red shirt that says “i love you”on it.roses!!!!!!!!(in red or her fave color for more personal),a box of choclates.if ur doin it for ur gf do it personal if u want.if she likes rocker stuff get her a rocker personal.its alwys sweet.oh nd a card..somethin from ur heart.

  46. nicoleee said:

    one bright red rose and big teddy bear that says i love you :]

  47. mrsbillshow said:

    Doing something fun and romantic together.

  48. natalia. said:

    I would give her a red rose, a box of GOOD chocolates, a kiss or a hug, and maybe a free trip to the movies. Good luck! (:

  49. Lizzy said:

    some flowers….not the typical roses change it up and maybe a personal poem that you made just for her that you put your heart into and some chocolate-that would be cute

  50. shaysiggs said:

    I think anything that’s really heartfelt and sweet.Something that took some time to figure out what you think is the perfect thing for her.


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