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Is the guy supposed to buy the valentines day gift or the girl or both?

Im very unsure if i should buy my boyfriend a gift or not.

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11 Responses to “Is the guy supposed to buy the valentines day gift or the girl or both?”

  1. crazy_elf_220 said:

    most they time the advertise it as the guy is suppose to but actually you can both get each other something…

  2. goku super saiyan 7 said:

    the guy is suppose 2 buy the gift. =)

  3. pinkpony said:

    The guy is supposed to buy a girl a valentines gift unless you guys are really close and have been dating for awhile but if not, then it’s kind of awkward

  4. claudia said:

    like a stuffed animal. girls really like those.

  5. Fabiola N said:

    Both are suppose to buy something for each other.

  6. dancergrl said:

    usually its between both. I would get him something little, like a box of chocolates or a homemade gift like a cute tie blanket or like a picture frime with the 2 of you in it!

  7. JEM said:

    It’s really up to you if you want to buy him something. I think the guy should buy the gift. It doesn’t have to be anything big…no more than 40 bucks is fine with me.
    I’m happy my husband is okay with being the gift buyer…..i just provide him his favorite dinner and some damn good sex (I do whatever he wants me to…sorry if that’s too explicit).
    This year I am getting him a “red” phone that i know he likes…on top of everything else.


  8. twiggy said:

    both of you get something for each other, its a day to show your loved one how much you love them so it doesnt av to b something that cost a furtune you could even hand make it……. or just show him how much you love him.

  9. tea cup said:

    This day and age I don’t think there are any set rules of what boys are suppose to do and what girls are suppose to do or not do. If you are comfortable with the idea and really want to get him something then go for it. How can a gift to show your affections be wrong?
    Enjoy one another and have a lovely Valentine’s Day together.

  10. Romero said:

    So you are asking, can the girl buy the gift for Valentines too? Umm…………….heck yes! The ladies are rising in staure in this country. There is a woman running for President, do you feel me. We guys have allways been at the ladies mercy anyways, now they will be officially running the show. Anyways, you know my answer. Hint: us guys like electronics, sports and of course, the touch of their beautiful woman is allways awesome! Happy V day!

  11. lizie said:

    it’s very nice that you both got something for each other.
    it means that you were thinking about each other as opposed to just one person having to buy it.


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