i gave a girl a valentines gift but i dident?

Ok so i know valentines day is today but i wasn’t guna see her to day cuz i only see her at school so yesterday i gave a girl i like a teddy bear and a box of chocolates and she seemed like she loved it .. but i didn’t ask her out cuz i was scared. we hung out for like a hour afterwords and i still didn’t ask her out. should i of asked her out? and what should i do now?

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3 Responses to “i gave a girl a valentines gift but i dident?”

  1. »♥☮ℓίvίntнєɱoɱєnt&&ℓovίnίt!☮♥« said:

    call her now && ask her if she likes the gift
    then casually ask her

  2. star*yellow said:

    yeah just ask her out when you get back to school or send her a text message saying Happy Valentine’s Day and ask her out then

  3. nutrinoland said:

    pls ask her out…do not lose this opportunity…


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