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Best Valentines Day Gift for a Transgendered friend?

Okay, so I have a Male to Female Transgendered friend that I would like to get a nice gift for on the upcoming Valentines Day. She is the only TS I’ve ever known so don’t have a lot of experience in this regard. I know it is early but want to be prepared.

Any ideas?

I suppose jewelry of some sort?

Does anyone really like those gold heart pendants they push so hard at the stores? Bad idea?

Thanks gang

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12 Responses to “Best Valentines Day Gift for a Transgendered friend?”

  1. Kyle said:

    a fishing pole so she can go trolling with and catch big trout!

  2. ~Hemorrhoid~ said:


  3. Kirk said:

    A giftcard to see the men in white coats.

  4. Jeff R said:

    “She” needs a day at the spa. You might want to focus on a foot massage from a professional with a follow up appointment of “her” choice.

  5. therivermidnight99 said:

    Is she a femanine TS? If so, take her out to get her hair and nails done =)

  6. Mr. me said:

    a penis

  7. Addy Corruption said:

    Its not like your friends a fucking alien. Get her something you would get one of your girl friends. Like a necklace or something.

  8. Riley's Princess said:

    A giftcard for a spa treatment, perfume, a box of candy, flowers, etc. Jewelry would be nice if you can find something that isn’t gaudy. If you’re unsure about what she might like, maybe you could bring a female friend with you when you go shopping and ask her to help you pick something out.

    EDIT!: Ignore the trolls. Personally, I think you can’t go wrong with perfume as a gift. Department stores usually have them, and other stores like Victoria’s Secret have some nice ones.

  9. lol rotf lmao said:

    Well, just because she is transgendered doesn’t mean she is not a woman; thus, treat her like you would treat any other girlfriend.

    You really didn’t state her interests… Um, let’s see, what would I get a girl friend (I’m gay, by the way…), first of all, your friend is lucky because I don’t get my friends anything for Valentine’s Day, lol, what’s this about? Do you have a crush?

    Maybe just a box of nice chocolates, some flowers, nice valentines card. Maybe if you are feeling like going big to leave an impression, and leave her guessing if she likes you, I would say yeah on said jewelry.

    I have to agree, I don’t think perfume is really a “Valentines” present, I would stick with the above classic gifts. But hell, if you are feeling froggy, go for some perfume, just make sure it’s good stuff.

    Good luck!

  10. Sunny said:

    Why not a gift card from Victorias Secret

  11. Leah said:

    Treat her as you would any woman.

    A friend or a lover?

    Assuming the latter: A dozen roses and dinner at a nice restaurant.

  12. Koryn said:

    What would you buy for your other female friends. The best thing to do with your female transsexual friend is treat her no different than any other female you know.


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