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Handmade valentines gift for my boyfriend?

My boyfriend is 17 and I have no idea what to get him for valentines. I want to make him something handmade cause I want to make it really special and something he will never forget. So I was thinking of knitting him a stuffed animal (I have never knitted in my life but im willing to learn) and make him cookies. What do you think about this idea? Any other good ideas?

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3 Responses to “Handmade valentines gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. lar said:

    it depends how long you’ve been together, but like i’m making mine a scrapbook. we’ve been together for a lil over 2 years & i’ve saved EVERY memento and stuff haha so it’ll be pretty easy for me.
    but if you haven’t dated real long or don’t save things then that would be hard.
    the stuffed animal sounds really cute! probably a bit of a challenge! but cute.
    sewing might also be easier.
    you can get vday fabric from Wal-Mart pretty cheap & stuffing. cut out the outline of a bear or whatever, sew it almost all the way closed, stuff it and then sew the rest shut. stitch on buttons for eyes. of course this is also easier if you have a machine.
    & i think the cookies are def a good idea

    another thing i like doing is making youtube videos or making DVDs. me & mine both play music so we have a lot of stuff to work with, but even just photos of the two of you set to “your” song or any romantic song is cute. It’s very easy to do on Windows Movie Maker.

    & my last idea is the classic.. a mix cd 🙂

  2. Mario said:

    Well one I don’t like alex’s answer and two that seems awesome if I got a knitted stuffed animal and cookies I’d be like forever in love but do what you do best or you can make a t shirt and cookies or dinner or something you can make a t shirt with transfer paper you can get it at walmart or staples I believe then just follow instructions but the holiday is about love remember that and your golden good luck 🙂

  3. KdsGirl said:

    Make him a shirt, pillow or blanket with you guys picture on it.. Or buy a wooden frame that you can paint and create (put the date you guys got together, hearts on it maybe.. Things like that) and put you guys picture in that or a poem..

    Good luck..


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