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Any women looking for Valentines gift ideas for their men?

Why do women find Valentines Day so difficult?
Men are very simple animals. We all want the same thing in one form or another, and its not cookies or teddy bears or clothes are flowers… Why is this so difficult to understand? Are so many women REALLY that clueles about what makes men happy????

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3 Responses to “Any women looking for Valentines gift ideas for their men?”

  1. brittbritt said:

    no i think it has to be the man you are dating if ya ll have been dating for over a year and have a good relationship then you will know what to get him

  2. Confussedhere said:

    Sex is not always the answer to everything everytime

    Sometimes we would like to give our man a special token that would be remembered for a long time

  3. ♥Honey B. Fly♥ said:

    Did you really need to ask this twice?


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