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Any ideas for a Valentines Day gift on a budget?

Been dating my girlfriend for 14 months, have done the jewelry thing for last years V-day, birthday and Christmas. I am trying to save money for my daughter’s wedding in May but I am struggling to think of a romantic yet frugal gift for this year’s Valentines day. Any ideas?

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8 Responses to “Any ideas for a Valentines Day gift on a budget?”

  1. Chi C said:

    Walmart has this really cute frame that says this is what love looks like then you can have your names personalized onto the frame.

  2. smcin728 said:

    Valentine’s Day should be about romance more than about the gift. Treat her to a romantic candlelit dinner for two, complete with champagne and chocolates. You do the cooking. Follow it with something specifically romantic (depending on her tastes, of course). The fact that you cooked the dinner and went to all the effort should mean more than a piece of jewelry. As in all gift-giving, its the thought that counts.

  3. Colorado Mrs. said:

    Do something for her that she thinks you would NEVER do in a million years… something the opposite of what she is expecting. She will never forget it!

    Like, if you don’t cook, actually cook dinner for her (spaghetti would be really easy). Or clean the house.

    Or how about something that signifies how/when you met?

  4. simon said:
  5. Dandi Lion said:

    Mark you can write her a sincere letter on how deep your feelings and love for her is along with a delicious home cooked meal, in home film, a rose in her favorite color…

  6. Columbia said:

    Bake a cake! It’ll seem like something special, and something she can enjoy for a while, and every time she eats it, she’ll think of you. Plus, the ingredients should be very cheap.

    If you’re not very kitchen-inclined, you could try to make her something, such as a pretty mirror or chair, or maybe there’s something that she’s been complaining about, such as that the garage needs cleaning, or there’s a wall that needs to be re-painted?

    I got this idea from an Archie comic ^_^ : You could take her on bicycles, and you both could go to the houses of your friends, and ask them to donate a small food item; bread, fruit, drinks, etc. Bring a blanket, and by the time you’re done, you’ll have a unique surprise lunch! It’s fun, and something she’ll remember.

    Also, if none of those word, I’m sure that you can ask one of her friends, or your mother or sister, for a straight-up girl’s perspective. Her friends should know what she likes and dislikes, and could save you from a bad mistake. Just make sure they’re not the gossipy type. 😉

  7. peter b said:

    take her to the movie . buy her candy, or buy some roses. take her to dinner. make her dinner and buy some candles,and use them for dinner time. make her a good love card or a romantic he a card.

  8. Linsey M said:

    roses… and a romantic date!!


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