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any1 got any valentines gift ideas for someone on a tight budget?

trying to think of something cheap or even homemade (yes i’m that broke!) for my boyfriend for valentines, anyone any ideas?

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5 Responses to “any1 got any valentines gift ideas for someone on a tight budget?”

  1. Tippa said:

    My boyfriend likes poetry, or drawings… Even a nice love letter about how sexy and great i think he is… Can even make a card with a printer… Make some coupons for massage or special dinner… anything like that works too…

  2. tracyhide said:

    cookies or cupcakes or homemade chocolate covered strawberries–guys love food :o)

  3. vanessa s said:

    make a voucher book along the lines of i promise to pay the bearer or do for the bearer

  4. Leah said:

    It is the thought that counts not how much you spend.

    Print your own Valentines Card or make your own – put a photo on or draw a red heart on the front. Cut out a picture of the gift you would buy him if you could (a red ferrari perhaps!)

    Print a Gift Certificate as mentioned (I have some you can print on my website) A massage is always a winner!

    Cook a nice meal or at least make a great dessert. Hire a movie and have a night in.

    A single red rose is just as romantic as a dozen roses.

    Sprinkle rose petals around the house or bedroom.

    Hope you have a great valentines day

  5. amber said:

    your a very caring girl some guys dont deserve the effort the girlfriends make, whenn alot of them dont think twice about valentines day


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