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when did i ovulate, and is this gonna stop me from getting pregnant?

so i had my iud removed in march, since then the past 2 months ive had 2 periods each month, & the past few weeks we’ve been trying to get prego,when do u think i ovulated & is this gettin in the way

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One Response to “when did i ovulate, and is this gonna stop me from getting pregnant?”

  1. Ashley said :

    You usually ovulate 11-14 days after your period ends. Obviously it will be different for each woman. What I would recommend (If you are serious about getting pregnant) is wait until your cycles go back to normal, then invest in some home ovulation test kits (they do also have an ovulation calendar online, but I haven’t personally tried it). About a week and a half after your cycle ends, start doing tests everyday until you get a positive reading. Once in the morning, then once about 3 pm. When you do get a positive reading, you’ll have about a 36 hour time frame for prime ovulation. So that’ll be your best chances of getting pregnant. Hope this helps!


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