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What would be the appropriate Valentines gift?

Me and the girl i asked out have been going out for the past 3 weeks,, what should i get her?

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7 Responses to “What would be the appropriate Valentines gift?”

  1. Bratwurst Extruder said :


  2. Question Guy said :

    Chocolate and flowers

  3. Sandra said :

    candy, perfume, clothes, hair stuff, nail polish

  4. Sally said :

    A heart shaped box of candy and a card. She will keep the box to keep your future cards in.

  5. *@* said :

    Just go with some roses and chocolate. Three weeks isn’t long enough for jewelry.(or atleast i dont think)

  6. Anna said :

    Hmm, for a present, I would give her a box of chocolates of course, maybe her favorite flowers, and if you want advice for a date, a dinner at a nice place would be good.

    Or even if you have the money, a small peice of jewery or something.

    If it were me, I wouldn’t really ask for anything other than, “Happy valentine’s day!” But it’d be sweet to give her a nice gift, and that’s all you really have to do.

  7. Laura Cowler said :

    maybe a fair ivy surprise package subscription? If she loves getting mail and surprises, anyway–which I know most girls do 😉

    I get these from my boyfriend and really enjoy them. Its also awesome cause she’ll get a new surprise package every month so it feels like you’re constantly buying her new sweet things 🙂

    you can print a surprise gift notice to actually give her on Vday–the anticipation will be so fun for her!


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