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What would be a creative valentines day gift?

My boyfriend is 16. He likes to write songs. I have absolutely no idea what to get him. I want to get something Creative and not just average.Any ideas?

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6 Responses to “What would be a creative valentines day gift?”

  1. ~bubbles~ said:

    he loves music…and its valentines day!

    i think the sweetest thing u could do is write a love song for him and sing it!! that would be way cute!!

  2. the bloody Gentlemen said:

    go with 1 red ross it shows beauty and love

  3. amanda w said:

    design him some special paper to write his music on like Drew Barrymore did in the wedding singer-its personalized and homemade, the best kind of gift!

  4. Denise R said:

    Last year i buyed this book and found some great

    recipes, picked out some nice lingerie and made a

    very nice surprise for my bf which he liked a lot


    Valentines Day is a day to express your love, and

    to celebrate the spirit of love. You will love this

    absolutely wonderful Recipe Book for Valentine’s

    Day !

    Just go here and download the ebook:

    And let me know how it goes 😛
    Have a very nice Valentines Day !!

  5. carriegirl81 said:

    I always try to pick a unique and special gifts for my friends and loved ones. I found this great site —! You go on and make a personalized song — I did it for my husband’s anniversary gift. I had a great time putting the song together. It’s completely personalized, and so cute! It’s something I know he won’t forget for a long time. I think that will be a great idea for your music loving boyfriend!

  6. blue fairy said:

    you can prepare a homemade photo collage


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