Girls, what would you consider a good Valentines Day gift?

I want to please my girlfriend with a nice gift but I don’t know what to get her. We have been together since the end of November.

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7 Responses to “Girls, what would you consider a good Valentines Day gift?”

  1. Justin said:

    Gettin it on!

  2. Isabella said:

    A typical sweet present like flowers or chocolates, or anything she may like but then top it off by organising something super sweet like dinner or a movie or going somewhere that fits into her interests and make it a whole big experience.

  3. 0h my gO!!y;;H☮ LLY said:

    if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it


  4. Grass said:

    I would consider any gift that was homemade a good Valentine’s Day gift (ie. card with a poem/message, mix cd with meaningful songs, cooking her favorite meal, etc.) Basically anything that you really put your heart into and shows that you know what your significant other enjoys. A simple bouquet of her favorite flowers is easy.

    Things that you should stay away from (in my opinion): Corny, typical Valentines gifts (ie. prearranged various flowers, Valentines themed-ANYTHING, etc.) Essentially items that you can pick up 30 minutes before you arrive home at your local Target or grocery store. To make it simple, just imagine those items at the souvenir stands you see people selling on the sidewalk.

    Valentines Day is not about presenting materialistic goods, but about showing your appreciation for the one you love.

  5. Ellen said:

    I personally love the mix cd thing. Its super personal and really shows you know her.
    Quirky stuff is cool, is definetly my favorite, especially their gold paper airplane necklace,

  6. Gretchen said:

    You could personalize a gift like the ones here:

  7. Laura Cowler said:

    Does she like cute and fun items, plus getting lots of stuff in the mail?
    You could get her a fair ivy surprise package subscription. She’ll get a fun surprise package in the mail each month and each time its full of exciting surprises!

    i get them from my boyfriend and love them…I love surprises and waiting for mail, and I’m sure she will too! 🙂


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