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Guys: What would you want as a valentines gift?

OK besides a SEX filled evening (which is already taken care of) What would you like to get as a gift for valentines day. Something to go and do or buy??

I know this question is played out and asked alot , but this year I am with someone really special that I really care about. So with that said I want it to be special and fun !!

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3 Responses to “Guys: What would you want as a valentines gift?”

  1. NT said:

    what i want is nothing. why complicate things

  2. g g said:

    Something they can keep to remember the day?
    depends on the guy, its the thought that counts.

    Although im sure your guy will be more then content with the sex filled evening

  3. luna Blu said:

    a meatball sub and a rub


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