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What is an adorable Valentines day idea for your boyfriend?

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15 Responses to “What is an adorable Valentines day idea for your boyfriend?”

  1. Joey K said :

    Leftover candy canes.

  2. yrdancer said :

    why do people believe in Valentine’s day?

  3. rhino_man420 said :

    men don’t even care about that, just blow him

  4. Diana D said :

    Rent a Hotel room and buy a nice teddy to wear for him with some nice music and massaging oils have fun

  5. Furryscott said :

    Victoria Secrets (Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink….)

  6. notyou311 said :

    Put notes nside of balloons. They can say, “Good for 1 hug,” “I love you” or whatever you want to say.

  7. peacedevi said :

    Well, this is a cheaper college student’s budget solution, but one valentine’s day, I got my boyfriend (who loves teddy bears) a big fluffy teddy bear with a red bowtie and red ears. While he was in class, I set the bear on the chair and put an elaborately done chocalate rose (don’t worry, still wrapped) in its paw.

  8. Lorna said :

    There’s some good ideas on here:

    Or what about a spa gift certificate for a couple treatment where you can totally chill together?

    Or you could make like a plaque of photos with you and him together?

  9. Brian said :

    A genuine hug of friendship.

  10. john b said :

    My wife sends me flowers, and I love it when she does that. All my coworkers get jealous, because their spouses don’t.

  11. aaron g said :

    Hire a singing valentines day gram person thing, tell them to sing some love song, and at the end to give them a sheet of paper to meet you in the park or something, and have a picnic.
    then go home and have outrageous sex.

  12. cindy said :

    Make him a large homemade card.Add your special touch.Write in it what only you and him have been through and tell him how you feel about him deep within your soul.And then get him a bottle of cologn wraped up with a pretty bow.And after you give him these gifts give him a big hug lasting at least 6 seconds or more and a kiss to put the icing on the cake.

  13. Donkey Hotei said :

    Make him an old fashioned home cooked meal (if you don’t usually do this….) It doesn’t have to be fancy, just tasty and filling. Have it ready when he comes home. I don’t know many Men who wouldn’t appreciate that; and maybe he has something for you too!…… 😉

  14. FlyChicc420 said :

    A coupon book. Dinner out, back massages and movie nights are just a couple ideas.

  15. Wicked said :

    something for his car and a gas gift card


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