i have no idea to get for my boyfriend for valentines day..any ideas? were insanley inlove!?

my boyfriend and i are CRAZY about eachother, thast why i really want this valentines day to be speacial….but i have no idea what to get him! should i do something big or small? should i rent a hotel room? should i get him something from his sports team that he loves? i know he’s taking me out to a fancy dinner, but i dont know what to get him!
any ideas? thanks guys !:)

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4 Responses to “i have no idea to get for my boyfriend for valentines day..any ideas? were insanley inlove!?”

  1. soKAWAIII said:

    Get a heart-shaped glass bottle…
    Get little strips of coloured paper. Write down 50 reasons why you love him, one reason on each one. Fold the coloured paper up into origami mini stars.
    If you don’t know how to make mini starts, check it out here:

    Fill up the heart shaped bottle with all those stars, and let him unwrap them one by one when hes upset

  2. Angel's Mommy said:

    go somewhere fun…

    amusement park
    vintage picture portrait
    day cruise
    tickets to watch his fave sport
    couples massage
    bed and breakfast
    road trip

    get creative…

  3. Daddyskaggs said:

    I don’t understand why women worry so much about getting their men valentine’s day presents. Look, newsflash: guys don’t care about valentine’s day. It’s unconditionally a day for women, and for men to express their undying devotion to them. In reality men care about Valentine’s day in direct proportion to their significant female partner attitude toward the day.
    Don’t believe me? Think I’m being unnecessarily harsh while you are in the throes of passion? Go buy him a ‘traditional’ valentine’s day gift, say, a dozen roses. See what his reaction is – my guess something on par with ‘gee, thanks. That’s really nice. No, really. I love them.’ He’ll then proceed to put them down, pick up his x-box controller and finish demolishing the aliens in Halo 3. Or munching on his doritos while watching “the game.”

    You know what you should get him? Give him your appreciation for whatever he gets you. That’s the best Valentine’s present you could give him. Because if he goes through with the holiday and picks something special out or plans some event, he obviously is going to want your reciprocal attention. What Valentine’s gift could you possibly get him that would mean something to him? A rose? A box of chocolate? A bottle of champagne?

    Right now I’m on a business trip and won’t be able to be with my wife on Valentine’s – so I”ve arranged for a dozen roses to be delivered to her house. She believes nothing will happen on Valentine’s. Not much I know, but the point is, I don’t want anything in return because I know this day has nothing to do with me. Like a wedding. Weddings have nothing to do with the groom. They are all about the bride. Valentine’s is all about the bride.

  4. Hanna said:

    Cook some pasta dish and arrange flowers and scented candles in such a manner that the guy gets flattered instantly.rent a hotel room is also a good option.
    Also you can get heavy discount on all your valentine purchases with the help of discount coupons that is offered by this web site for free.
    So you won’t have to give any load on your pocket and your beloved would be happy as well


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