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Whats a good idea for what I can get my boyfriend for valentines day that has everything?

When I say everything he has everything that I can think of!

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5 Responses to “Whats a good idea for what I can get my boyfriend for valentines day that has everything?”

  1. Benjamin said:

    a credit card.

    Edit: sorry, i didnt realize it was EVERYTHING everything, get him ANOTHER credit card so he has a little bit less of ‘everything’

  2. Mathew said:

    if he has everthing where does he keep it

  3. Bet said:

    every valentines day i make my boyfriend a basket of his favorite things; candy, snacks, drinks, dvds, books, clothes, video games, picture of us, random valentines stuff, and anything he’s been talking about that he needs or wants. he loves it! also cook him dinner/dessert or take him to his favorite place to eat

  4. Ms.Silver said:

    a big care-love package that has all yu guys or “his” fav stuff in it….and yu….

  5. glass dreamer said:

    Home made gifts are the way to go then. I can throw out some of my past affordable gifts I’ve done and more ideas:

    -a scrapbook of the two of you. I did this last Valentines and for each month I added a new page to it for him
    -Bake his favorite treat
    -Cook him dinner (guys love food. Just throwing that out there ha)
    -Buy a pillow case and decorate it with paints. We always say “sweet dreams” and “Forever and ever Babe” so I bought two cases and decorated both saying that. Only decorate one side of the case because the paint isn’t comfortable to sleep on. He uses his every night 🙂
    -Make a mixed CD of songs that remind you of him or of the both of you
    -Go rock climbing, even if it’s an indoor wall (competition is hot to guys, you get an adrenaline rush and you can check him out when he’s climbing ha)
    -React your first date together.
    -Go hiking and bring a picnic. You can watch the sunset together once on top of the mountain
    -Sounds lame, but you could clean his car out for him, wash it and then fill the tank up. It actually helps a lot. My friend’s boyfriend did this for her as part of her birthday present
    -Make a fleece blanket. Just buy two fabrics (maybe his favorite sports team’s logo and a solid color) the same size and cut strips of about two inches apart, 1 inch deep and tie together.
    -For our 6 months I blew up a TON of balloons, wrote little things I liked about him on pieces of paper, rolled them up and tucked them in the balloon. Once done you could put the balloons in his car. My boyfriend LOVED it.
    -To make whatever you do exciting, you could do a scavenger hunt leading up to the gift you have for him.

    I hope I helped some. Good luck 😀


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