I got a new boyfriend yesterday, what would be a gift idea for valentines?

considering our relationship is so young? and i have only known him for a month

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5 Responses to “I got a new boyfriend yesterday, what would be a gift idea for valentines?”

  1. lizzie fizzie said:

    you should get him like a teddy bear since you just went out just to show him you care about him

  2. DOUGIE.B said:

    hmm a kiss

  3. Gillian said:

    Well since you just started going out with him there is no reason why you should have to go over the top for your first Valentines Day. A nice card and maybe cuddling up to a good movie but thats it. Check out http://blog.forrent.com/category/holidays for more Valentines Day ideas!

  4. MonaLisa Overdrive AM VT wannabe said:

    This should be easy. You’ve only known him a month, and only started dating him. It’s Valentines Day. It’s not Christmas, it’s not his birthday. On Valentines Day, he does something cute/romantic for you, and you do something sexy/dirty for him. You have it EASY, because you haven’t done much of anything with him yet. You can pick ANYTHING.

  5. www.envylacewigs.com said:

    Here are some great ideas for gifts for HIM: http://envymyhair.ning.com/profiles/blogs/gifts-for-him


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