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What are you doing here on valentines day night? no hot date?

really.. shouldnt we all be out somewhere having a great romantic valentines day date? Well at least you, I’m sick so I’m going to crawl to bed once I can manage to turn off the computer.
What did you parents do for valentines day?

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18 Responses to “What are you doing here on valentines day night? no hot date?”

  1. kitkat said:

    We had lasgna for dinner and are having a quiet evening at home. My husband is watching a movie with my son and my girls are out for the night. So here I am.

    Edit: Mrs B. you do realize that you get a 300% bonus allowance if he didn’t buy you anything right? Diamonds are a good choice. My husband learned fast that birthdays, anniversaries, and any other holiday means I get a gift.

  2. [email protected]! said:

    An early lunch so the baby didn’t disturb any baby-less couples, then a nap. Ohh, and I got a can opener…….fun.

    (Love the can opener, its red and I needed a new one…)

  3. [email protected] said:

    nothing special or fancy. my husband and i dont really care about valentines day. not that big of a deal for us. he got me a card and some chocolates. i didn’t waste money buying him a card (he loves it when i DONT spend money) but i did get him some peanut m&m’s his fave.

  4. ♥Mommy♥ said:

    I have 2 babies.. so I pretty much have no time to go out and do anything!
    And, we are broke this wknd!
    So my husband and I are sitting at home.
    He’s playin xbox live and I am sitting at my computer.

  5. Paige_21 said:

    My family and I went to a nice, expensive Italian place, but the veal honestly did not taste the best. My librarian was there and my parents gave me and my sister an assortment of boxed candy.

  6. Mrs. B said:

    my hubby is sick too. has been for 3 days. i didn’t get anything for valentines day. at first i wasn’t too upset about it, but the more i sit here in my nothingness and think about it, it does kinda upset me a little. maybe i’ll go shopping tomorrow and buy myself something lol

    Edit – KitKat, yes, I have already thought about that, and have been checking out Zales’ website between answering questions. That’s my favorite place to shop LOL Also, I start my new job on Thurs. so I will be needing to buy new clothes, so I’m gonna make him fork over some cash for that too.

  7. darks3ct0r13 said:

    nope i don’t have a date

  8. TTC #5! said:

    We had a family day with our kids, now that they’re in bed my hubby’s watching a movie and then we’ll head off to bed- together. Hehe, give us a break here: it’s Valentine’s day and we spent the day making heart shaped meals, decorating paper cards and watching Elmo’s Valentine’s Day… time for some real fun! Hehe, Happy V-day & get better soon!

  9. Adriana & Chase's Mommy said:

    I didn’t do anything special at all. I’ve been home with the children while my husband has gone out to run the errands. Actually at the moment, my daughter’s older cousins came over, so she has them to entertain her. My hubby just ran out to Pathmark to get some ice cream and Chase is sitting in his swing. I am bored that’s why I’m on here but it’s fine. I’m not really a materialistic person so Valentine’s Day is just another day to me. I’d rather receive a gift and flowers on any day not just a designated one.

  10. tamara m said:

    In Australia, Valentines Day was yesterday!
    My other half had a day off work for a change and rather than go on a “‘romantic date” we spent the entire day working on renovations on our Queenslander, it was way more fun than trying to find somewhere romantic that wasn’t crowded or pouring down rain!
    we should be finished by the end of the month- I can’t wait to try out our new top of the line spa in the new master bedrooms ensuite!

  11. Hates Closed Minded Jerks said:

    i am playing World Of Warcraft lol. my son is asleep and my bf is at work

  12. silverxeno said:

    I made a big to-do for the day.
    Raspberry creamcheese stuffed French Toast for breakfast.
    Light lunch of cheese & crackers with fruit (I thought dinner & breakfast would both be large & didn’t wanna make everyone gain 10 pounds!)
    Dinner was London Broil (marinated for a few hours), roasted asparagus with a balsamic sauce, made-ahead mashed potatoes.
    Dessery was chocolate lava cake (where the center is gooey liquid chocolate).

    I decorated the dining room…I made little mini mailboxes for gifts & cards throughout the day.

    My husband is leaving in 10 days for military training and won’t be back for 7 months…so I wanted to do a big “thing” to make up for the fact that we’ll miss his birthday, father’s day, & July 4th, our anniversary…and he will miss my birthday & mother’s day. We have two girls…5 yrs & 16 mos. Didn’t really wanna spend a lot of time away from them given the circumstances.

  13. QueenBeeMamma said:

    we had a family outing to a sit down restuarant,lol then to an ice cream shop. he bought me a dozen roses, drinking wine now. we are doing work and gathering price info and game idea for our daughters birthday coming soon

  14. Perfect Chaos said:

    I am sadly sitting here at work. My boyfriend did cook dinner for me though. We don’t celebrate valentine’s day. We both think it’s a little ridiculous to have 1 day that your told to show the one you love that you love them and buy all kinds of un necessary stuff. Our 4 year anniversary is in just a couple day’s so we will be celebrating then.

  15. Ashley said:

    All we done was stay home and have a nice dinner and watched a movie. My boyfriend and daughter are already asleep and I am the only one awake.

    My parents had to work all day but to make up for it on the next weekend they both have off they are going away.

  16. Tiger Lily ♥ said:

    My husband got detained at work from complications in surgery. He was supposed to be home at 6, but I’ve no clue when he’ll be home. Sometimes those things drag on for hours. We were going to go out to a nice seafood place, but we can go any other time (= I’m relieved, Valentines day is always awful at restaurants.
    So now I’m spending the evening with my girls, they’re watching ‘The Secret of NIMH.’ We just finished the book counterpart. And my 4-month-old is asleep at my chest.

    My dear husband did leave me a box of what I suspect are foreign chocolates, because the one I had was out of this world good – and America just doesn’t make stuff that good!
    He also gave me a Venus Fly Trap, in lieu of the typical roses. A joke between us, I get one every year =P I have a collection of carnivorous plants from previous Valentine’s days.

  17. krob8008 said:

    My husband has been at work all day, unfortunately, so I have been cleaning, taking care of the kids, and working out..

  18. ladedamom said:

    so why aren’t you out instead of home, asking this on YA, hmmm?


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