Who here has a Valentines day date planned?

personally I don’t =/.

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5 Responses to “Who here has a Valentines day date planned?”

  1. misztanyaxoxo said:

    well my bf has a pretty packed schedule so we’re doing a valentines breakfast.. something new lol

  2. Destroyer :] said:

    I Do 🙂
    Go find someone you like bud 🙂
    You dont wanna be alone on vday.
    i wish you luck.

    Answer mine please (:

  3. Autumn C said:

    i dont…well im going 2 being eating chocolate in my bed wtching movies…lol i don’t have a “valentine” lol…and idc

  4. Jersey_Gemini said:

    I do!
    Unfortunately, I work from 9am-5pm. 🙁
    After work, I will get dressed and my boyfriend is taking me out—to where, I don’t know! 🙂

  5. Caramel O said:

    Well by the looks of things my baby’s father and I will be officially broken up and all of my things will be packed and my children ad I will be on the road going far away… Oh but you still have time to find you a date…


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