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Do you have a date for the Valentines day dance tomorrow night?

I don’t….*childish whimpers*….sniff

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31 Responses to “Do you have a date for the Valentines day dance tomorrow night?”

  1. Kim P said:

    I don’t either

  2. BOONI3$ said:

    me neither…..want to be mine?????

  3. million$? said:

    can we go together? i don’t want to arrive stag either. pretty please?

  4. ♥Leigh!~♥ said:

    Nope, sad I know =(

  5. ≤ Flattery Operated © said:

    Yes. We’re going to stay in and give each other chest compressions.

  6. BLUEJAY57 said:

    could it be that you said you are whore, hmm, i wonder

  7. Krissy said:

    Nope but I wouldnt go even if I did

  8. Jade said:

    Don’t worry… I’ve never had one. ever.

  9. Newt said:

    me neiver

  10. (Dillicious)cubed said:


    although there is no Valentines dance at my college

    plus I have the flu, it wouldnt be a pleasant experience for anyone

  11. 2-Dogs Nuetered said:

    the Ho canceled

  12. pay no mind said:


  13. Mick - 1/4 man, 3/4 helmet said:

    no one loves me enough, and no LeRoy, I will not go with you.

  14. Shades of Grey said:

    I dont either, but I will be too drunk to notice!

  15. Kelsey. said:

    Join the club.

  16. cindoggie said:

    yes, my g/f =)

  17. c¡§cº k¡Ð ™ birthday-girl said:

    we aint goin to the dance, were ditchin it to go behind abc liquor to “do it”

  18. Niffer - MrHappy's valentine said:

    *sniff*…i *sob* don’t either…

    but i guess that’s ok…don’t have a babysitter for the twins…

  19. Idaho Taters Lemmi ;) Winks said:

    I’m going with my 16 year old boyfriend.

    Giggedy Giggedy Goooo.

  20. cel's giant beaver hearts u said:

    I don’t. I’ll be dancing with myself. I’ll probably be doing myself under the bleachers too.

  21. Mango, unveiling the face said:

    I’m not even going!

    Gonna stay home and dye my hair dark brown. All by myself.


  22. Crash Fu™ said:

    It’s okay. Timinator is hosting another Beer n’ Freestyle Scrapbooking Jam at his place.

    Acid free pages, lots of stickers…

  23. Amy Feckalot said:


  24. МѓМ ----{@ said:

    I’ll go with you LeRoy.
    Have you evar been to the Velvet Room?

  25. Shrunken Fro™ Gets no love said:

    I don’t either but that shouldn’t surprise any of us now should it?

  26. Miss Nikki ™ said:

    I didn’t know there was a dance….sigh

  27. IηspiяAsiaη © said:

    nope. my legs need rest=)..maybe ill let Butter (stripper) do all the dancing..

  28. Eureka said:

    no 🙁

  29. Marianne_not_Ginger™ said:

    I think I’m slated to be there at 11:00 pm. I’m part of the clean up committee. *picks up beer cans and empties the ash trays*

  30. John S said:

    no, where is the dance?

  31. milk man said:


  32. cul putain said:

    Je vois de suite que vous maîtrisez superbement bien ce sujet


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