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valentines day gifts and date ideas?

OK i have a girlfriend that i have been dating for a month and i really want to do something special for valentines day. but i have little money to do so with and idont know what to do either so plz some help
and im still in high school so some things i could actualy do plz ty

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4 Responses to “valentines day gifts and date ideas?”

  1. strtat2 said:

    Get her a card and some flowers if you can afford them. If not, just get a single rose. Make her a dinner – even if you don’t know how to cook, make her something simple like pasta and garlic bread.

  2. Hiro a Hero? said:

    I would make her something to eat using things in your home, maybe a picnic or if she is still in school surprise her in front of her friends by giving her a really big hug and just telling her how much she means to you, believe me most girls wish that their guy would show them all their love in front of their friends. You would make them all jealous.

  3. barb said:

    you should give.. some good chocolate or delicions tasting candy, and an efficient sm. toothpaste so her teeth will stay clean although she may eat all the candy…
    : D

  4. QotU said:

    Check your local events and see if you can take her to something during the day. Sometimes, there might be a special pricing for days like Valentine’s Day. Else you could always try the museum, movie matinee, garden, picnic, etc. and do something simple later that night like cooking dinner or taking her to a place with a special dessert/drink.


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