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Fun Valentines Day Date Ideas in Southern California?

I plan to take my date to Newport Beach on Valentines Day. She loves water so I thought it would be nice to go there and just walk around and maybe take a dive. Afterward is where I draw a blank. I was thinking Dave and Busters. We can eat and then just play right after.

I don’t know the area very much so maybe there are other things to do while we are out there. She is moving to Colorado soon so I would like this night to be fun and memorable.

From Art Museums to 18+ Dance clubs, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. =]

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2 Responses to “Fun Valentines Day Date Ideas in Southern California?”

  1. operajester said :

    Catalina is fun…very romantic! go there!

  2. Larkin L said :

    Take the ferry to Balboa Island, walk around, ride the Ferris Wheel –

    Balboa Island Museum and Historical Society

    502 S. Bayfront (Upstairs Next to the Ferry) Balboa Island, CA OPEN: SATURDAY AND WEDNESDAY 10 am to 2pm – Admission Free (949) 675-3952

    There is also Roger’s Gardens 2301 San Joaquin Hills Road
    Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 (949) 640-5800 and Sherman Library and Gardens at 2647 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

    You can look up the hours for both. Sorry I don’t know any clubs, but you can google it and see what comes up.


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