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What are the benefits to having a baby sleep in your bed?

I’m 33 weeks pregnant and am not planning on having my baby sleep in with us as I’m afraid I might squash the baby, the baby might fall out of the bed or the baby might get into bad habits and not want to sleep in a bed of it’s own.
A good point would be that you don’t have to get out of bed if the baby cries, but this isn’t enough to persuade me.
Opinions ladies?
Thanks 🙂 x

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26 Responses to “What are the benefits to having a baby sleep in your bed?”

  1. superpiofast said :


  2. Dalton's Mommy said :

    Mother’s who breastfeed can roll over and let them eat. –If they are formula fed you need to get up anyway. Other than that there is no good reason to let your baby co-sleep. You just have to break the habit later anyway.–Which is not easy.

  3. the_emrod said :

    I would never do this but my friend slept with both of hers for a year or so. She liked doing it but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

  4. golfgirl3 said :

    There is this new thing they have that you can put in your bed so you do not mistakingly role over on your child 🙂 You can get it in your local baby stores, or Target. Secondly, the benefit for at least the first few weeks is that when they wake up you can just lift them and feed them if you are breast feeding. If you are concerned just keep the temporary crib or playpen next to your bed until you feel comfortable enough to move them into their own room.

  5. Shell said :

    You are the mom. I suggest putting the baby’s crib in your room with you.

  6. iiidontknowdoyou said :

    YOU are right! Having a baby in your bed is nothing more than laziness! It makes it hard on the child when the parent gets tired of them being there and tries to move it to their own room. It isn’t at all necessary and the ONLY reason to do that like I said is LAZINESS!

  7. Cherise! said :

    theres none.
    what are u going to do when it gets older? it wont want to sleep in its own bed and there IS a chance u could squash it–its happend to others. so just keep the baby in its crib where it belongs!

  8. ♥Cooper♥ said :

    Closeness? But don’t do it. No problem with baby falling asleep in your arms, but for the majority… don’t let it sleep in your bed.

    It leads to a whole bunch of issues I’ve witnessed first hand from my sisters.

    Confidence issues, separation issues, etc.

  9. Noah's Mommy & Marine Wife. said :

    It can reduce the risk of SIDS.

    “Babies who sleep either in or next to their parents’ bed have a fourfold decrease in the chance of SIDS 10. Co-sleeping babies actually spend more time sleeping on their back or side 1 which decreases the risk of SIDS. Further research shows that the carbon dioxide exhaled by a parent actually works to stimulate baby’s breathing 11.”

    “Research shows that co-sleeping infants virtually never startle during sleep and rarely cry during the night, compared to solo sleepers who startle repeatedly throughout the night and spend 4 times the number of minutes crying 1. Startling and crying releases adrenaline, which increases heart rate and blood pressure, interferes with restful sleep and leads to long term sleep anxiety.”

    Another good article to read:

  10. Dory said :

    BAD IDEA there is no good benifit. why do you want to know about this? it causes SIDS and in the last 2 years alone ive seen 4 accidents in news how babies died from sufication from sleeping in parents bed. dont do it

  11. **#2 due Oct. 20th** said :

    Well when my daughter was an infant she slept in her crib, for fear that we might roll over onto her, she might fall..ect.ect…
    Now that she is 2 my husband started working nights so me and her love bunking in my bed, seeing as i work all day , we dont see much of each other so i love the bonding time.

  12. HornyDawny said :

    Don’t do it under any circumstances, it’s just too damn risky! As you’re aware you could suffocate baby, hence the reason for them having cots hun!xx

  13. Soon To Be Mrs. H said :

    There really is nothing good about letting them sleep with you. If you want them to be close to you at night try putting them in a bassinet or cradle at the foot of your bed, that way when you do get up with them through the night you don’t have that far to go. And this way, they will still be comfortable sleeping in their own bed. The transition from bassinet/cradle to a crib is not very hard at all. I wish you luck and sure hope that this helped.

  14. All Natural said :

    It’s pretty much necessary if you are breastfeeding! It reduces SIDS as well, baby’s breathing will regulate with yours! There aren’t any cases of healthy, breastfeeding mothers suffocating their babies.

    I’ve been bed-sharing with my 13 month old since birth and it has been great.

    EDIT: I agree if you are FORMULA feeding you should invest in a co-sleeper type bed to put next to your bed because formula feeding moms don’t have the same hormonal instinct that breastfeeding mothers to to NOT roll on their babies.

    It does NOT cause confidence issues at all, what-so-ever! Babies brought up knowing their parents will always be there for them boosts their confidence and independence. Baby will sleep in their own bed when they are ready.

    Of interest:

  15. keevelish said :


    More sleep for you
    Comfort for baby
    Reduced risk of SIDS
    Regulates metabolism and body temperature of baby
    Regulates breathing and sleep patterns of baby

    Basically, human infants are designed to sleep with their mothers. Like it or not, we are primates, closest relatives to the great apes, who carry their infants on their bodies 24/7.

    We are not animals who leave our infants in a nest alone.

    Oh good grief people, do you not realize that bed-sharing with our infants is the default sleeping arrangement throughout human history? There are no documented cases of mothers killing their infants in a healthy co-sleeping situation. I have never once even come close to rolling on my daughter, and she has slept squashed to my belly, often nursing, since her very first night.

    TwinsPlus1 makes a very good point- co-sleeping promotes healthy sleep habits because baby sees your sleeping as an example. They quickly understand that when they lay down and you lay next to them that it is time to rest.

  16. Vicky must stop Roly Mo said :

    You could do what i do, i refuse to have my daughter in bed with me at night, but when she wakes up at 6 am for a feed i bring her into my bed and we nap for about 2 hours together, its bonding and lets me get a few extra hours as she likes to sleep with me. but no matter how much she likes it i wont do it all night as she will get used to it. its a pain because she has been waking every 3 hours lately and i keep thinking if i just put her in my bed i could get a nights sleep, but no…i must be strong. lol. i think having a cuddle in bed with me and a nap in the morning when i can see her because its daylight is okay….and i really need those extra 2 or 3 hours….

  17. TwinsPlus1 said :

    Do you like sleep?

    If you co-sleep with your baby then your baby won’t even GET to the crying stage because once they start to grunt, squirm, and smack their lips together you will present your breast (while laying down) and your baby will latch on and probably fall back asleep while nursing. You probably will too. <3

    My baby has been awake at night fewer times than I can count on my hand since he was born because he sleep nurses through the night and so do I.

    You won't squish your baby. Trust me. Human beings evolved co-sleeping and mothers have this built in instinct that allows us to safely sleep with our babies. 🙂

    By co-sleeping with your baby, your baby more quickly realizes that night is for sleeping and day is for being awake and napping because they will see you sleeping when they open their eyes. They'll feel safe sleeping at night later on!

    I stopped co-sleeping with my twins at around 10-11 months and they didn't cry at all. It was pretty easy actually.

    One thing you can get is an arm's reach co-sleeper. I used that with my twins and usually use it with my 3 month old to sleep in. It attaches right to my bed so I can nurse him and put him back. That said, the last 2 nights he has slept in bed because it's cold up in New England right now and I REFUSE to buy more heating oil in almost June... but that's another topic. lol

    I recommend looking up and purchasing one of those. They make a great play pen too so even if you don't ever use it as a co-sleeper, at least you'll have a great play pen!

  18. Krystal K said :

    whatever you chose to do is totally up to you. many people feel different on this subject. we co-slept with our son the first 3 months for his medical reasons. ( he had a stomach problem and would throw up in his sleep causing him to choke) after that was taken care of we put him in his own bed. I think one of the benefits of it would be bonding with your child more. i don’t think you should choose to do it because of benefits of it. as for the fears you have i had the same and neither of them happened. my son is 2 now and only comes in my bed to sleep when he doesn’t feel well. i think both co-sleeping and not co-sleeping have their pros and cons. but thats the great thing those is most moms will develope that instinct that helps then decide what to do.

  19. KPNJ said :

    As a mother I would NEVER put my newborn in the bed with me as my parents knew of a couple who did this and accidently rolled over their baby while sleeping. They were devastated by the loss of their child and I feel tragedies like this one can be avoided. We had a bassinet next to the bed which allowed for easier night feedings and we could keep a close eye on our daughter as I am a very light sleeper, but if this isn’t appealing to you why not buy one of those cribs you can attach to the bed. Buy a sleep positioner to prevent the baby from rolling on its stomach (increase chance of SIDS), this worked great for us. Good Luck!

  20. momoftwins said :

    I love having my DD sleep with me and sometimes my DS will too, but he can sleep in his crib far longer than his sister.

    I love seeing them wake up and get that good first morning stretch and rub their sleepy eyes. It really makes my morning when I can wake up to them right next to me.

  21. Little Boo Boo Bear! said :

    I am alone because my husband is on a ship, I am the only one who is up all day and gets up all night here at my house for my son. So at night I take three diapers and my son and we go to my bed. I am breastfeeding so unless he needs a diaper change all I have to do i wake up to feed him 3 or 4 times a night, if I didnt do it this way I would be up all night trying to get him to sleep in his big empty crib.

  22. Warrior Princess said :

    I hardly ever put my baby in bed with me. Two reasons – first my husband was a wild sleeper. I was not afraid of myself rolling over on him, but my husband. Second – I would never get a good night sleep like that, I was always worried about my husband rolling over on the baby so I slept with one eye open almost.

    This is what I learned to do and it worked well with both of my boys. When they woke up for their feeding, I would change the diaper first, then do the feeding. Normally by the time they were done feeding, they were almost back to sleep. My little ones ate fast and the whole process took less that 20 minutes.

    A couple things I did do is I had the porta crib in the room with me for about 2 months then moved to his own room. Also I would put an night gown or pajama top in the crib with him. Not to where it would interfere with him or make him possibly smother himself, but just maybe lay him on top of the night gown like it was a blanket. It has your scent on it and the baby thinks it is you so they will go to sleep and stay asleep longer. Worked will with both of my boys.

  23. kath said :

    we are advised never to co sleep with our babies it is far safer to put them to bed in a cot or moses basket. there is no health benefits for a baby to co sleep in fact the reverse can be said. the fsid advise against it and advise a dummy as soon as possible too to help[ prevent cot death (sudden infant death)

  24. aquarianbabe0204 said :

    I co-slept with my first son and am currently doing it with my newest. If you’re a nervous nelly of a mom, put the baby in a bassinet near the bed. They do have co-sleeper beds that you can put in your bed so that you don’t have to worry about squashing the baby if you want that to be your option.

    But when I co sleep with my babies…I do NOT put them under the covers with me. That’s just asking for you to throw the covers over their head. Put them on top of the blankets and give them a blankie of their own to cover up in or dress them up in a terry onesie so that you don’t have to worry about them being cold. Feeling the weight of your baby on the blanket tends to keep you stable.

    I’m a fan of it because it made our first son very close with us and we had no problem moving him over into his own bed. He’s now 3 1/2. I sleep with him for the first 15 mins in his bed and when he’s sound asleep after a story and some bonding time, he sleeps through the night just fine. So I say to each their own, but it worked for me. Putting your baby in another bed doesn’t make you a better mom…and co-sleeping doesn’t make you a wimp of a mom…it’s a choice. If it works for you good…if it doesn’t–good.

    And co-sleeping hasn’t wrecked my sex life either. 😉

  25. angel2005_2001 said :

    My 7 month does not sleep with me unless she wakes up at like 4 in the morning and I know I have to get up at 6 anyway… That’s the only way she sleeps with me… She usually sleeps thru the night anyway though so it’s no biggie.

  26. LCP77 said :

    Co-sleeping is a personal choice but you do have to fit certain criteria. If you are obese, sleep hard, are a restless sleeper, drink alcohol, take prescription drugs, recreational drugs or over the counter drugs that would make you sleep harder than usual, it isn’t a good idea. I still co-sleep with my 10 month old son and LOVE IT. When he was really little, he would sleep on my chest or in a co-sleeper. Now that he is bigger, he is starting to resist co-sleeping and I know it is time to transition him to his crib. I am such a light sleeper I wake at the slightest noise/movement and I don’t move while he is sleeping with me. A co-sleeper that fits in your bed between you and your partner is a good place to start if you were ever to consider co-sleeping (at least while they feed so often at night).


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