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What is your experience in putting your baby to sleep awake?

How is your experience in letting your child be awake to fall alseep in the crib and not you rocking him/her?

My son does a great job at falling asleep. He will coo for a min or two, then lay there with his eyes open and then fall sleep in a few. I just walk away and peek to check on him.

How are your experiences?

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15 Responses to “What is your experience in putting your baby to sleep awake?”

  1. FaZizzle said:

    My son had colic for 3 months, so we had him in the swing for about 2 of those months. After that, we did the Ferber method and after one 10 minute period of crying, he slept through the night.

    It was amazing. Now he’s 2 and reads himself to sleep each night.

  2. Ashley W said:

    I have always put my son to sleep…. rocking or holding. He is nine months old now and practically falls asleep on his own.

  3. Melissa W said:

    My little one has to be asleep when we lay here down. She might open her eyes when we move her but she goes right back to sleep. I had a friend though that both of her kids would go right to sleep after you laid them down!

  4. ¤¤Je§§ica¤¤ said:

    One of my children had to rocked to sleep until she was three and then other one put himself to sleep from birth

  5. LaraLouLa said:

    Same here…He’s making up for the tourment our daughter LOL

    He fusses and goes right to sleep.
    The trick is to start from the begining amd DON’T GIVE IN
    He (21 mos) had surgery and I needed to have him in bed with me and then he didn’t want to go back to his bed.

    When he got sick of daddy’s snoring he walked himself to bed

  6. Kotori said:

    Unfortunatly that has never worked for either of my kids. I have usually had to rock them to sleep or some other method. I would say enjoy the easiness of putting your little guy to sleep!

  7. Debbie V said:

    Our kids had to cry a bit, but we’d put on a tape of mom’s voice singing and talking, and later Disney tapes of their favorite stories, and they settled down. We always woke them up (infants) an hour before our bedtime, changed them, fed them, and put them back down. That way we could get a head start on a good night’s sleep.

  8. Jillian H said:

    my son has to have the boob lol. you’re lucky that your does that. i don’t mind it hough cause he sleeps pretty good wheen he gets there-through the night for most nights anyways. i have tried to let him lay there but he just thinks it’s play time he’s almost 5 months old. im not a big fan of the CIO method at this point but we’ll see how things go by the time he’s year- i co-sleep right now so it’s not a big deal to me i enjoy sleeping next to him

  9. DeliaS said:

    I’m a nanny and not a mom but great job! It is so incredibly important for children to fall asleep on their own. It is okay for the first 6 months to rock them and cuddle them but after that it comes to a point where they need to learn to self soothe. Obviously if your child is screaming for 45 at 6 months old I would do some consulting. On the other hand if they are happy to be alone then you should be happy. I can put Caroline in her crib and she will contently say “night night”, read/play with books and eventually fall asleep. It is so much better and comforting especially if they wake up in the middle of the night and can fall back asleep rather than cry that you are not there. Keep it up!

  10. Talitha B said:

    personally my son was spoiled rotten. he was my first so i spent a lot of endless nights rocking my son to sleep.

  11. teri81979_2000 said:

    it worked great for my son who is now 26 months. My husband and I would put him in bed when it was his bedtime and we would just tell him goodnight that we would see him in the morning then gave him a kiss then after plugging in the nightlight then we left the room (closed the door after his crib was placed along the wall where he could see into the living room). The only time he would wake up is if he had a illness and couldn’t sleep or bad dream.

  12. hilton hottie said:

    i have no problem with my son either, he is fourth months old and has been sleeping through the night for over a month now. for every nap and bedtime I do the same thing, lay him down, pacifier in mouth, teddy under left arm, blanket. Then I tell him I will see him when he wakes up. He either falls asleep within five mins, just like that or I will check if I hear him “talking” and go in the room, do the routine again but this time not say anything and leave the room. I check on him every five mins. until he is out. He goes to bed between 10 and 10:30 and sleeps until 7:30 or 8 in the morning. Routine is key since they have no concept of time at this age.

  13. CobyAndAndyMom said:

    My first (who is now 2) fell asleep nursing almost every night until he was 8 months old. We STILL have trouble getting him to go to sleep alone. NIGHTMARE!!!
    My second (who is 6 months), nurses, but I make sure (after learning from my first), he’s still awake when I put him in his crib. He has a music thingy I turn on SOMETIMES (to make sure he doesn’t get dependent on it), but either way, he just stirs for a few minutes and goes right to sleep. He then sleeps through the night, not a peek from him, for 12 hours. So much easier, and happier in the morning than his big brother =)

  14. MJ D said:

    We’ve tried this method but I don’t believe in CIO so we’ve been pretty unsuccessful. Our little one is only 3 months old and every week we have to learn a new trick for getting her to sleep. Its defiantly a challenge. Im hoping maybe she’ll do better with putting herself to sleep when shes a little older

  15. juliapttmn said:

    I am so happy to know there are mothers sane enough to put their tiny ones to sleep in their own bed!!!! My chidren 5 and 3 have always slept on their own and we have no problems with bed times!! I have several friends however who refuse to let a wee one lay in their on bed!! One is now regreting the choice as she is trying to get him to sleep on his own after a year of dangerous sleep habits with her and dad. I hate to say i told her so but… the babe is having none of it!!


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