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Who is still a TEEN and is having their second baby?

Dont jugde just because im asking this question?
ever since i started getting on this ive realized just how much people are so judge mental…….
i understand it aint a smart thing but like that ignorant female betty bitch did NOT have to say it like that

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7 Responses to “Who is still a TEEN and is having their second baby?”

  1. Betty Boop said:

    i know who is…..some chick named IDIOT

  2. MyNameIsASecret said:

    NOT ME! Kinda stupid to make the same mistake AGAIN. But, sometimes people need to experience it TWICE to know what’s good for them 🙂

  3. вℓαιя said:

    Well i’m 17 years old and i’m 25 weeks pregnant with twins so i’m gonna be a teen with 2 babies

  4. Amber said:

    I knew a girl who graduated pregnant in 09 and already had a baby.

  5. eммy and ѕтepнy chicken parm and progress said:

    Everyone is judgmental sweetheart , not just people here. If a teenager is having a second child , what do you expect us to think? Do you want us to condone it? No ones gonna burn them on a stake or something , it’s just not a smart idea.

  6. Dr said:

    People judge me for being black fool,
    I have 5 kids and I’ve only just hit 15, you wouldn’t know coz im a big mofo
    Don’t care what anyone else thinks just go for it
    if your kiddies make you happy then have some more

    ill even buy sum off you

    LOVE Dr. Phil

  7. ♥brunettehdm♥ said:

    My cousin had twins at fourteen and her third at eighteen and is doing fine you just have to work extra hard and have a ton of support


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