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How do I get rid of my stomach after having my baby?

I had a premature baby in March (by c-section) and he died a couple of days later. I also had a staph infection and had to stay in the hospital for an extra week. I am down to my normal weight I just still have this stomach I no longer want. My iron is low and my hair is shedding something has got to give this is so depressing.

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11 Responses to “How do I get rid of my stomach after having my baby?”

  1. ROXY said :

    I would like to know that too!

  2. Joycee said :

    Pilates is wonderful. Get a dvd and then also start walking. If you have a friend have them go walking with you several times a week for an hour. Just having a friend to talk to while walking is the best.. You will have emotional support as well.

  3. coan2007 said :

    Do your best I dont think it ever goes away.

  4. Momof3.5 said :

    First of all, sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine. Now, for the tummy, I wish there was an easy answer. Most of it depends on the elasticity of your skin. If you have really good elasticity, then you can probably get your stomach pretty close to what it was before baby by working out hardcore and eating right. However, if you’re not so lucky like me, then your loose skin and stretch marks can only be solved with a tummy tuck. There are products out there that can help with loose skin and stretchmarks, but not completely get rid of them. Hope this helps! Good luck 🙂

  5. chicka_buggie84 said :

    First of all I want to say how sorry I am about your loss. My baby was also born in March and I can’t imagine how hard it must be to lose a child.

    I can tell you though, for sure the hair loss is also something that I experienced. They tell me its hormone related. During your pregnancy you don’t lose as much as hair as your normally do, which is what makes it look more full and and obviously thicker. After the body no longer has a baby to support it tries to play catch up, this includes losing all that extra hair that you should have been losing over a 9 month period. Have no fear, you will not go bald 🙂

    My stomach is within an inch of what it was and it was quite simple for me, I ate right (well most of the time, sometimes one just needs Oreos!) went walking, making sure to do pilate style tummy sucks while I was doing it, and of course regular pilates. My husband also had me do this thing where I lay on the ground, hands beneath my butt and lift my legs and hold them for 10 seconds…they really tone your tummy!

    The iron is something I’m not sure about, but I know there are supplements you can take.

    Good luck and again, I am very sorry for your loss.

  6. pookiesmom said :

    I’m sorry for you loss.
    Exercise, walking, a lot of abdominal exercising, eat healthy. The hair loss is from the hormones and other stress you’ve been through the past few months. Possibly take iron supplements to get that up as well.

  7. almost there said :

    Sorry for your loss. You should start walking and try taking a class like an aerobics class. take care of yourself.

  8. luv4jesus said :

    If you find the answer, let me know! Losing hair is very normal. I had hair loss around the second month after delivering. I lost a lot to where I actually had a receding hair line in the front. It all grows back. As for you iron, you should continue taking the prenatal supplement until up to a year after delivery. I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

  9. ilovemykids said :

    I just wanted to say I am so sorry to hear about your baby. Good Luck with what you do. I know that stubborn belly fat can really make a person mad. Just stay away from pop and candy and you should be ok.

  10. belinda said :

    I’m so sorry. Let each stomach crunch heal you a little bit.

  11. **lipgloss** said :

    I am really sorry about your child. But, its unhealthy to all of a sudden want to lose this weight. Has it been at least 4 months since your pregnancy? If so, to lose your stomach, just eat healthy and maybe join a swim club. Indoor or outdoor whichever works for you. Just don’t start losing weight until it has been a full 4 months since your pregnancy. Give yourself some time to get on its regular schedule. This way you can determine if you need to change your eating/exercise plan.


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