How can I get my baby to sleep at night?

Our 7-month-old baby wakes up every hour or so all night long and takes about 1 or 2 half hour naps a day.

Any suggestions? Part of the problem is now that he sits up on his own, his first instinct when he wakes up is to get up and he thinks he can start playing. It’s madness!

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7 Responses to “How can I get my baby to sleep at night?”

  1. Will said:

    Keep a moniter around so you can tell if he is in distress (needs changing so like he cries for an hour+ etc.), but stick it out by not going in to see him when he wakes. You’ll have to do this for a few nights in a row. If he does not get any attention he is likely to go back to sleep. You are not neglecting him by not running in and picking him up every time he cries. Its tough to hear him cry (thats a natural parent reaction), but he needs his sleep more than you do, so its better for him to sleep. Let him settle, and go back to sleep, which he should do after about 20 minutes or so depending on how long his last sleep was. Maybe remove any crib toys for this time too. Hey, and take turns with your spouse so one of you does not have to wake (like sleep downstairs),

  2. YAYIIE said:

    it must b very frustrating me and my husband what we use to do is keep the baby up as much as. Possible in the day. Set nap times for 30 mins each. And wake him up. My son go use to it very fast. He started sleeping hrought the whole night when he was only 4 months old i mean 12. Hrs of sleep. Im blessed w him bcause we got to sleep at 10 n he wakes up at 10 the next day!! So try dat oo and keep him as active as possible get him tired and bath him at night that helps too!!

  3. The Doormat said:

    Ok….if wanting to go to your baby when it cries is a natural parental reaction…..the pretty much indicates that it is an instinct right? WHY, IN THE NAME OF NEPTUNE, WOULD YOU IGNORE YOUR INSTINCTS?????? Anyway, that being said, there is a book you should read called “Good Night, Sleep Tight”. She gives a MUCH more gentle way of helping your baby to sleep though the night. It is not a no cry system, but there are really very little tears though the process. You can find this book at

  4. issacfoo said:

    There are many reasons why a baby would be waking up. Questions like, what is his usual sleep pattern,
    when is his last feed
    what activities has he been doing in the night before he sleeps, maybe he is too “stimulated” by all the action

    You could try going to this website

    Apparently it is runned by a group of nurses. If you do not find your answers, you could try leaving a comment

  5. ♥Cherry♥ said:

    When my younger sister was a baby we would play calm songs in the back ground and hold her, we would take turns doing that in a family of 4, but if you don’t have them time you could consider seeind you’re doctor

  6. Hussy said:

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  7. QueencreekAZMale1970 said:

    I had the same problem with my son, Im a single father so that made it worse…lol but I discovered that the hole in the nipples were too small and Julian wasnt eating as much as I thought he was. Although it seemed like I was feeding him I really was nt due to those nipples probably even gave him headaches from sucking soo hard, but he A-OK and is a very healthy baby.He was just hungry.


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