How can I help my baby sleep through the night?

My baby is 10 weeks old. She has her last feed at about 10pm. She will then wake at around 2.30 and again at 5.30. Both times she doesn’t seem to need feeding, she may only take 1 oz or so. I have tried to cuddle her back to sleep or give her the dummy but it doesn’t seem to work. Sometimes not even the milk will comfort her, She doesn’t cry but will be generally unsettled and awake. Any tips?

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  1. Francesca said:

    Most 10 week old babies aren’t sleeping through. And even if she’s only taking an ounce at the 2.30 feed then it’s better than nothing. A 10 week old baby should still be feeding on average every four hours (including during the night). If he’s still waking up then it’s because he’s not ready to sleep through yet, just persevere, he will start sleeping through eventually in his own time.

  2. just me.. said:

    try playing with her more in the evenings so she is tired enough to sleep better in the night..

  3. Jenn said:

    her schedule now seems very normal. My son nursed every 3 hours or so for a while, and then it weaned off. Right now, she needs that nourishment even if it is 1oz, which may not seem like a lot but remember her belly is only about the size her her fist. My son loved to be swaddled, so I would nurse him, change him, and then swaddle him and he was out. Be patient, follow her cues for readiness.

  4. Aaron's mommy said:

    my son woke a lot too at 10 weeks old. babies will sleep through the night when they are ready. some do earlier, some do later than others. my son would just start sleeping a half hour later each night until it went to all night. things that may help you… is a bath before bedtime, then a bottle. if she isn’t due for a feeding, just give her an ounce or two. then put her to bed. do the same thing every night. a warm bath may help relax her. i let my son soak in the tub for a while. he loves it and gets to yawning when he’s done splashing around. doe she take a pacifier? you could try to just give her that and see if she will just go back to sleep without another feeding. my son has a mobile and fish aquarium on his baby bed that helps put him to sleep at night. also.. only being 10 weeks, do you swaddle her? that helped my son A LOT! it kept him from waking himself up in the middle of the night. good luck to you.

  5. Natalia said:

    Ok, here comes the unpopular answer. At 10 weeks most babies are capable of sleeping 8-9 hours; it’s just a matter of putting in the effort to help your baby learn the skill of sleeping. It’s based on establishing a routine during the day. If you are against the routine, then please ignore my suggestion — every parent is different and has different parenting approaches — one is not necessarily better than the other. What worked for me and my family is the routine; all three of my kids were sleeping through the night (11+ hours by 4 months of age and all were breastfed). If the routine is something you are willing to consider, I would suggest reading “On Becoming Babywise.” Good luck.


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