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Whats the difference between having a friends with benefits and a relationship?

If you hang out a lot and enjoy being together, what the difference if you are friends with benefits vs being a relationship?

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18 Responses to “Whats the difference between having a friends with benefits and a relationship?”

  1. jellybeanchick said :

    Commitment, emotional connection, expressing feelings of love.

  2. itsRaymond! :D said :

    go with the friends with benefits if you want some action pronto

  3. Glitched said :

    Simple. Friends with benefits means you’re friends.
    Relationship has commitment (bf gf)

  4. tiger7377 said :

    There is no difference. One is a relationship with no strings. sometimes there is just a physical attraction and you just can’t get past their family or some personality trait. It’s purely physical … but when it’s good … it’s really fun.

  5. Spiidey; said :

    benefits you just do stuff with each other. no strings attached.

    relationship you actually like each other and you tell people your together.

  6. smeblee said :

    Friends with benefits means they can have other friends with benefits, a relationship is just between the 2 you have a commitment.

  7. Melissa M said :

    If you’re in a relationship you have a commitment to that person.

  8. Charmelle said :

    friends with benefits is just ya mess around but there is no real emotional connection and no expectations

  9. John said :

    you don’t hav to break up when they mess around with other people.

  10. Jorge C said :

    would you tell anyone that she’s your girlfriend? if so than that she is…if ashamed keep doing the damn thing and be happy.

  11. kyler. said :

    friend’s with benefit’s-oral,kissing, sex but with NO love feeling just doing it.
    relationship’s-commitment, having feeling with each other, feel’s better to do sexual stuff[cause you know you both have actual FEELING for each other].

  12. If Anything... said :

    Friends with benefits is simply another person you engage in sexual acts with that doesn’t involve actually being in a relationship. As far as a relationship, that would mean the two people are committed to one another. If you feel as though you don’t want to continue to be friends with benefits you can pretty much walk out of it if you want, but that usually doesn’t work as far as friends with benefits because one of the two people will likely get hurt after a while simply because one person may start to develop feelings for the other person.

  13. leslie k said :

    Friends with benefits lets you still date to find the special one. And friends you enjoy sex with but do not have the love connection with. In a relationship it most likely will lead to love.

  14. Lyric Ashlee Busa said :

    friends with benifits is a sexual relationship you can do whatever you want with who ever you want & being in a relationship is more than sex it’s connecting on a deeper personal level an being faithful to that ONE person

  15. Alex M said :

    Friends with benefits is only accounting for your own lust and completely disregards the other person. A friendship implies a genuine concern for the other and enjoyment of their company, not just your own. All sexual relationships outside of marriage are nothing more than friends with benefits, no matter how well you’ve convinced yourself otherwise.

  16. JYHoff said :

    Friends with benefits = sex only, nothing else. No commitment.

    Relationship = you two have made a commitment with each other not to date anyone else. You have emotional feelings(caring, trust, love, etc) for each other and do not want to share them with any other person.

  17. Bret J said :


  18. Kelsey said :

    When you have a friend with benefits, your only communication of romance is sex. Your are still friendly, but you use each other for quick action.

    When you have a relationship, you are willing to show your emotions in ways other than sex.


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