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What are some possible resolutions for child labor?

Hey, I’m doing a research paper on child labor and I was wondering what are some possible resolutions that could possibly reduce or eliminate child labor? And if you could add details. Thanks

Thank you.

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3 Responses to “What are some possible resolutions for child labor?”

  1. Jeff M said:

    If we didn’t outsource labor to other countries, it would be cut down quite a bit. It’s easier to control child labor laws within the U.S. because, well, we HAVE them.

  2. jimmyjackfunk31 said:

    if you mean here in the us, then that is why we have the U.S. Dept. of Labor with various laws in place to prevent this, as well as all 50 states having their own state departments of labor to be another barrier to prevent child labor. if you are referring to other industrialized nations that use child labor (sweat shops) companies that use those factories for their products need to take their business elsewhere, as well as countries even limiting trade with the countries that allow child labor to occur.
    for instance i will use the example of a certain shoe company using child labor in asian countries to make their products that are resold here in America for outrageous profit. the company tells the factory, no more we will find another factory that uses no child labor. (in a fantasy world this might happen) additionally, the us goes to the country this factory is in and tells their leaders that we will no longer trade with them while this is going on under their noses as well as withholding any foreign aid. a bit heavy handed because you will have the opposite side telling you that it would devastate that country’s economy (very well a high possibility)

  3. e w said:

    Adult prosperity.

    While our country is horrified by the child labor in other countries, sometimes it’s the little bit of money that children can earn that can help to keep a family in a third-world country from starvation.

    Simply outlawing goods that are produced by child labor isn’t the answer to anything.

    Those third-world countries need to develop economically, so that the adults can make an adequate living.

    And also some of those in third-world countries need to learn something about birth control, so that they don’t have so many children to feed, thus perpetuating poverty.


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