What is the youngest age possible to begin training your child to use a computer?

I have a three month old boy and I was wondering how soon I can start teaching him to get ahead in a competitive technology based society. Any suggestions?

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10 Responses to “What is the youngest age possible to begin training your child to use a computer?”

  1. StAcY said:

    Nowadays probably around 5 or 6.

  2. Melissa said:

    4 probably.

  3. Nikki (Woo Sah) said:

    Mine learned through osmosis while they were in the womb.

    You may also want to consider picking up Your Baby Can Be Bill Gates, I hear it’s working wonders.

  4. BeeR - L.A.U.S.D sucks! said:

    You mean you haven’t started teaching him yet?

    You my friend are awarded Y!A bad parent of the year.

    Shame on you!!

  5. Lauren<3 said:

    my younger brother is four
    & he can play the sims
    & I Spy little stuff like that
    but, you should probably
    wait until he can read 🙂

    good luck!

  6. ♥Sugar Bear♥ 34 weeks with a boy said:

    My hubby’s best friend has a 3 yr old daughter who can run circles around me on computers in almost every way. I think that your baby probably can’t use a computer yet but you can definitely introduce the computer as a part of daily life. Get him visually acquainted with it and he will get more interested as he gets older. There are computer learning programs for young kids too so check those out.

  7. angel_x said:

    a lot of my friends have made there kids facebook or bebo pages (setting them up so only family or friends could access them off course) and updating them regularly to show the childs progress, and as the kids got older and started walking, learning to talk, they started to show an interest, so it became a normal thing for mummy to read peoples comments out loud, and child to tell mummy what to respond, then as they got older learning to do it themselves. It’s a good way for kid’s to keep in touch with distant family members (that aunt in another country, etc), learning how to use a computer, and of course, a good fun reading excerise at the same time!

  8. Paul Zucchini said:

    No TV or computers until 2 years old.

    Let your baby be a baby, and do age-appropriate things.

    What is the big hurry?

  9. knittinmama said:

    When our 27 year old son was very little he would sit in our laps while we were at the computer. He learned his letters with some simple games we had for our computer way back then. Most schools offer keyboarding and basic computer skills in kindergarten/1st grade.

    Your child will have plenty of exposure to computers without you worrying about formal training.

  10. cathrl69 said:

    You can start teaching him whenever you like. It will be several years before he starts learning anything from it.


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