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What are some possible resolutions to officially end the Afghanistan conflict?

What are some ways that the Afghanistan conflict can officially be ended/resolved?

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11 Responses to “What are some possible resolutions to officially end the Afghanistan conflict?”

  1. Democrat for Freedom said:


  2. DNC Donkey said:

    We should lose the war and apologize to Afghanistan.

  3. Tom said:

    Nuke the entire planet so there is a nuclear winter!

    Failing that, play them at their own game and start training the afghans in guerilla tactics so they can fight the low intensity war which the taleban has been waging against the afghanis for so long.

  4. Fizzy Bubbler resurrected! said:

    The only way the US would consider leaving is if it felt assured the pipeline could be built and left to pump oil without any threat of 1) Taliban blowing it up and 2) Afghan government guarantees it will work with US oil companies.

    Therefore, the US will never leave.

  5. Ruth S said:

    Pull all our troops out and let them fight their own battles! They don’t appreciate anything what we are doing for them and why should our troops die for nothing!

  6. Stanley said:

    I say we pull out…. Leaving a firm statement… if there is one American life put at risk ever again from your nation, and or a group found to be affiliated with the current circumstance we will bomb you untill before the stone ages. Matter of fact, we should just make that policy, it would be something they would understand the next time they bomb an embassy. We will tell them that for every one American life taken we will take 500 from whare ever that bomber originated. This wont work if the country does indeed fall into good standing with the US, such as Saudi Arabia, but we can at least track the bomber to whare in pakistan, afghanistan, where ever the guy was trained and encouraged. The point is that we keep Americans out of harms way, and we do know the relative location where these people are trained. After a few suicide bombing happens, the localities in which harbored these idiots in the first place will be less likely to help them. They will be less likely to Bomb us in the first place if we are not on their soil….

  7. Maybelle said:

    Simply saying “buh-bye” and withdrawing the troops. We are accomplishing nothing.

  8. YB Logical said:

    We could always throw in the towel and succumb to a world wide acceptance of Sharia Law, since so many Islamic leaders have already told us that THEY won’t give in until they achieve that goal.
    We can begin to teach children to speak Arabic and have them recite the Koran in school. We could even open a few Madrassas here in America……….but no girls allowed.
    No use in fighting it……………right?

  9. Master Debater said:

    either nuke them or make them resolve their own problems.

  10. Aaron said:

    Tell the Afghans that we are pulling out on 10/31/2010, ready or not. If they want to have a free society then they will get a police and military in place.

  11. Eli2000 said:

    Borrow a page from liberal leftists and start taking over the Afghan educational system, infiltrate their mosques with imams or mullahs who are anti-Islam, take over their media, etc.


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