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what are some good discussions questions on child abuse and neglect?

every wednesday in my theology class we have a discussion and this week its my turn. and my topic is child abuse and neglect. and you please help me??

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6 Responses to “what are some good discussions questions on child abuse and neglect?”

  1. Skittles are M & M wannabees said:

    How about the topic of educators and child care providers as “mandatory reporters”?

  2. FKU said:

    What are signs of abuse
    what are signs of neglect
    what would you do

    Find stories on incedents such as the mom who drowned all her kids and put them in her bed after
    their was a 18 yr old here in syracuse who beat and killed a 2 yr old girl over a potty training accident.

    why would some one do this , what can we do to stop it.


  4. Asche said:

    how children don’t get help because they think it is normal. when I was growing up I was hit and yelled at a lot when my mom was at college, and my dad was watching me (dad went to college before I was born then my mom had me and started going when I was 5) well dad would yell and hit me, and I though this was normal behavior till I was about 13 and my mom was there when he did it. most kids never know its wrong or to get help and it continues. and the mothers normally came from abusive family’s and are too used to it to stop it.

    I my self found some one who is not like that and am engaged to this nice person, who is not abusive he is very fair and caring and has a strong moral to never hit or hurt a women.

    my friend on the other hand that grew up the same way I did is now with and abusive man, who has raped her and hit her many times and she is scared and listens to his every word.

    it becomes a life time thing if people don’t wake up or realize it. I suffer a few problems from getting my head slammed in a steal door (went unconscious and had light amnesia) to having my ball socket in my shoulder broken and needing surgery on it to get it fixed.

    sad things like this exist. and normally the kids don’t know its wrong they think every family is like that. also as a child when my mom was away, my dad would make me rewrite books till I had perfect hand writing, or made me complete math books and spelling books all night when my mom was gone, he would not let me play or watch tv. he would also keep me from seeing friends by telling them I was not home when he picked up the phone, and made it so I didn’t have a social life. I was not a bad kid in school either.

  5. Bow said:

    How about:
    1. what invention enabled doctors to discover child abuse existed? (answer: the x-ray machine)
    2. what are some effects of child abuse in abuse survivors?
    3. how does the federal government define child abuse?

  6. Migra said:

    well when i was little my dad used to make me put his penis in my mouth every day till i vomited and when i vomitted he would whip me


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