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What could be possible resolutions to this Sexual Harassment Dispute?

My manager has a weird sense of humor and has said some inappropriate sexual things to me. When I talked about that to our boss last time, he just got a warning. But I had to complain again and now the company opened a dispute. They are asking me what kind of resolution do I want. What are my options?

[Note that there are other disagreements between me and this manager (he’s not a great manager), so I unconsciously could be trying to get rid of him. But I want to be fair!]

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5 Responses to “What could be possible resolutions to this Sexual Harassment Dispute?”

  1. Miss G said:

    If you complained because it made you uncomfortable, then you did the right thing, on behalf of all women- Thank you.

    I have no idea what resolutions are available, but you could ask for their offers, and maybe hire a lawyer to help you negotiate.

  2. skeptical said:

    I like the fact that you recognize that you MIGHT have other motives, but still, there is NO way he should be making such comments. You were right to complain.

    I think you should simply ask that it never happen again.

    If it does, they should fire him.

  3. pumalol said:

    Look, Sexual harassment is against the law and since you have already brought it to managemnets attention, it is there responsibilty to take care of the problem.
    This is a serious problem and cannot be resolved with mediation. They should be taking care of this problem themselves and should not be putting the burden on you!! At this point you have a right to sue.

  4. Armchair Legal said:

    I’m not entirely sure what they mean by “type of resolution”. From my perspective, they’re asking if you no longer want to work with / under him; want him fired; etc.

    It also depends on the sexual harassment laws in your area and the company policy. Typically, one sexual harassment “charge” is a warning, the next could be termination / disciplinary action.

    I’d hate to see anyone lose their job, especially in today’s economy. I’d see if you can’t request to work under someone else and cut off all but any necessary professional contact with him.

  5. Justice D said:

    Why don’t you tell us what he said?


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