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What new years resolutions are people actually planning to complete this year?

You can say its because of time or you have a job but which ones will actually be done?

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3 Responses to “What new years resolutions are people actually planning to complete this year?”

  1. Amaha Fan the adviser said:

    Well the part of i guess the beginning of next year as my new years resolution.

  2. Jo said:

    Check this post on New Year’s Resolutions

  3. janie said:

    these are mine and of these the ones I hope to complete and focus on the most are #1,2 and 3 with # 7 also important I do think I will succeed for the most part in becoming a vegan as I did it successfully for 5 months. The exercise and eating raw will be harder. The others are ones I hope I am remember and stick with.

    they are to get back on track with my life style changes to try to reverse diabetes.

    I had lost 65 pounds, did a 50 day juice fast that ended 4 days after thanksgiving, started exercising 6-7 days a week and become a vegan for 5 months, but 3 weeks ago got a ton of free restaurant meals by signing up for birthday clubs and ate meat and fatty restaurant food nearly every day plus 5 potlucks. From this relapse I gained 18 pounds, blood sugar and pressure soared and feel more sluggish.

    so in January, I am going to try to get back on track

    1 exercising nearly every day

    2 going vegan again

    3 eating at least 50% or more raw food

    4 I am also going to try to build more schedule and routine into my life and try to think more positively

    5 going to try to list things I am grateful for each week

    6 greatly reduce eating out

    7 lose the weight I gained plus more

    If I don’t do some of this stuff I could go blind, lose my leg, go through dialysis (and it caused my mom to have 9 heart attacks in a year the last killing her), lose my hearing or IQ, etc and die so I need to keep these resolutions this year.

    I am worried I might fail and look just saying that I already messed up #4 but at least I am more aware of it now. Let’s change that..I did it well for 5 months and had a holiday mess-up but I am going to get back on track. I resolve to 🙂 for the coming year and decade.

    happy new year to you


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