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What are some of the real serious resolutions you plan to follow sincerely from 1 Jan 2008?

Hi there, I am trying to see if I can follow some of the good ideas you have and incorporate it into my life style.

I have a few resolutions myself, but one important thing is

– Incorporate at least one whole grain a day in any/all of my meals. This is actually nothing. I should be doing a lot more whole grain, but it is a start.

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5 Responses to “What are some of the real serious resolutions you plan to follow sincerely from 1 Jan 2008?”

  1. OhKatie! said:

    My biggest goals this year are to lose weight and move out of the country. I’ve already begun losing the weight, but I’ll be stepping it up next month when my “fitness bootcamp” starts. And as soon as my computer genius friends comes home from visiting family, he’ll be helping me look for a job overseas to get me outta here for a while!

  2. Beatnick said:

    I have never made a New Year’s resolution in my life [now 66] and have no intention of ever doing so.

    My lifestyle is based around these selfish needs : –

    1] self indulgence at all times
    2] greed and lots of it
    3]give generously to the poor, but only when I’m in the mood or can remeber their plight
    4] always stand on a bus or train – thus avoiding the necessaity of having to give up seat
    5] read the Times [London] daily and ignor all other opinion however well presented

    The above are not resolutions, they are what I do – well, nearly all of the time.


  3. lanek said:

    i am going to try to make my year a very happy one…instead of trying to make everybody elses

  4. Free_Spirit said:

    I make the resolution every year to lose weight..and since I’m getting married this year, I might as well as start Jan 1.

  5. Doughboy's Girlfriend said:

    I really want to try to do this-
    Eat healthier foods,don’t pig out on junk-food afterschool, and get more excersise.
    I’m a couch potatoe and computer addict,i have to try to lose that title,too!


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