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What are some good places to go on a date for Valentines day if you’re a teen?

I’m a freshmen in highschool and I need some suggestions of places to go on Valentine’s Day.

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3 Responses to “What are some good places to go on a date for Valentines day if you’re a teen?”

  1. Ivytech1982 said :

    I think a really good place to go is the Movies or pack a lunch and some warm clothes and sit by the lake or ocean or take a nice long walk around your local trails.

  2. Anon said :

    I guess the question is, how young a teen, and whether you have job. If you’re under 16, you might not want to go to a park– while most have security and usually people nearby, they don’t always, and being anywhere isolated can be dangerous. In groups and with people you trust, however, you should be fine.

    Movies are a pretty safe and entertaining choice; so are restaurants if you can afford them. I’d recommend going for a walk around town and getting some ice cream. You may want to see if any bands are playing that you are interested in. Consider also whether you want a solo date or a group date.

    If you’re not adamant about keeping a strict ‘date’, how does spending some time at each other’s houses sound? It’ll be a weekend, so maybe see if your parents will be out for the day, or if you can have enough privacy to talk, or just hang out.

    Oh yeah! You might want to check and see if there are any Ren-Faires or other things in your area. Places like that always work in holiday themes and can be a great all-day experience, if you’d prefer.

  3. manuel said :

    I think a walk on the beach will be a good place. I also think a love movie is a good way to go on a date


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