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Whats a good date for valentines day?

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3 Responses to “Whats a good date for valentines day?”

  1. Bria Nicole said:

    I’ve already used this idea so I will let you borrow it! I had a scavenger hunt with a twist. I used my awesome new digital camera, and I went and took pictures of each place that held a clue, and he had to have all the clues to figure out his surprise. I uploaded all the pictures on a digital photo frame that I got personalized for him at and I left the frame on the bed. Once he got all the clues and figured out where I was, I had a romantic picnic set up with candles and flowers and wine! I had a blast putting it together and he had a blast figure out the clues! I gave him the whole day to figuring it out and one of the clues told him what time he was supposed to be there! It was probably the most memorable dates we’ve had!

  2. LANE said:

    Dinner and slow dancing.Then some quite time for some romantic kisses and don’t foget a nice heart shaped box of chocolates !

  3. Henry said:

    I co-sign with LANE


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