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Were is a good place for a teen to go on a date for valentines day?

You see me and my boyfriend want to do something fun, and romantic can you help us. Please be deatailed 🙂

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5 Responses to “Were is a good place for a teen to go on a date for valentines day?”

  1. KDB3838 said:

    mini golf

  2. Allykinz said:

    The four seasons

  3. its not you said:

    the movies and out to dinner or maybe somewhere really nice

  4. Rebecca said:

    Go out for a meal then to the movies?
    Or go for a meal then to somewhere like intensity or something and do some games together then you could go for ice cream after?
    go out for a picnic and have something fun planned that you can do with your bf maybe some little mini games you can both participate in?
    Hope that helps =)

  5. Leilani Leilani said:

    you both should go to a nice resturant then finish with desert and a movie at your place or at a theatre,book a hotel and have candles placed on the tub and around the tub,rose petals all over the bed,can be exotic and some wine and chocolates and indulge in the tub with eachother.


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