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What are some alternatives to a purchased reception gift card holder?

I’m not liking the gift card holders I’m seeing for sale, or they’re too expensive. What are some alternatives? One I can think of is maybe just getting a box, wrapping it in pretty paper, and cutting a slit in the top. What did you do for yours?

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3 Responses to “What are some alternatives to a purchased reception gift card holder?”

  1. Blunt said:

    We had a decorated Nantucket basket. What we really wanted to do was a lobster trap (beach wedding), but we ran out of time.

    Some people do decorated mailboxes (that they will put in their home), bird cages. I do not like the boxes, although, they seem like they are somewhat safe.

    Good luck

  2. Constellation said:

    We went to a craft store and ended up with this painted cardboard “suitcase” that had brass hinges and happened to be in our wedding colors. It was only $10, and was perfect for the vibe of our event.

    Our gift table was up on the stage with the head table, so even though it wasn’t necessarily “secure” it was right where everyone could see it (and besides-who doesn’t trust their own wedding guests?!?!).

    We ended up using the suitcase as a memento box after the wedding.

  3. Messykatt said:

    I did the bird cage thing, because I found this really pretty one, and I knew it would make a cool planter after the wedding. I also saw one once at a goth wedding that was like a treasure chest. It was very tasteful and unique. But I’ve also seen many people do the decorated box thing. Some ended up really pretty.


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