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What are some healthy desserts that can be easily packaged as a gift for Valentines?

I know the healthy dessert question has been asked a million times. The thing is, I’m looking for desserts that can be packaged in small ziplocks or plastic wrap to make a healthy dessert variety basket for Valentines. I know I want to make some muffins, maybe apple cinnamon. Any other healthy snack suggests would be greatly appreciated. 😛
Correction :Healthier snacks! You guys know what I mean…. (urgh)

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4 Responses to “What are some healthy desserts that can be easily packaged as a gift for Valentines?”

  1. Zachary A said:

    Baked goods and anything made with sugar- cannot be classified as “healthy.” Putting dried varieties of fruit in those ziplocks….is the closest thing to healthy you are going to get. Problem with this is that your basket will be…..bland.

  2. Nancy said:

    Low fat brownies, dried fruit, and instant tea.


  3. Tia J said:

    Let us not take all the enjoyment out of eating! There are some excellent low calorie sweeteners on the market, such as ‘Splenda’ which uses the unique sweetening ingredient, Sucralose. Also you can simply reduce the amount of sugar in any recipes that you use. In some recipes reducing by 20% the amount of sugar does not alter the taste!

    If you do decide to use any sugar substitutes just be aware of the two types of sugar substitutes, nutritive and artificial sweeteners. The artificial sweeteners (Sucralose being an example) are safer for diabetics being low in kcalories. Of course do not substitute any kind of sweeteners for fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods.

    And then there are the Diabetic Dessert Recipes. There are a very large number of recipes available that offer much variety. There are such delights as Lemon Cheesecake Mousse, Chocolate Marble Cake and Peach-Berry Frozen Dessert. How about Almond Sugar Cookies or Chocolate Oat Bran Cake? Remember, watch your health by exercising and being aware of your overall food intake, but don’t forget to keep enjoying your desserts! Go out there and do some research and find all those sumptuous recipes!
    I would recommend this website

  4. blair said:

    Ripe strawberries with dark chocolate drizzled on top

    Dark chocolate has been proven in small amounts that it is good for you in several ways.



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