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What are some cute thing do put on my valentines day gift?

you see I have this idea for a gift and I was gunna take a box of Crayons and write 24 ways u color my world..then on each crayon write a little message…just cute stuff nothing like I love you..not ready for that yet so if u could give me some ideas that would be much appreciated!!!

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4 Responses to “What are some cute thing do put on my valentines day gift?”

  1. jany uwanab*tch said:

    Or you can hand-make little notes and cut out hearts and stuck them on half way and then put a little note inside of it..

  2. butterfly_girl83 said:

    The Crayon idea is too cute! Another thing that I saw in the recent “Real Simple” magazine issue is redoing the conversation hearts messages. You just sand the message part off and write your message on it with a food coloring pen. Another kind of cheesy one I did was for a guy who was a musican. I took a guitar pick and glued it to the front of a blank card. When he opened the card it said “I ‘PICK’ you!” I then punched a hole in another pick and strung it on keychain chain and placed that inside the card.

  3. Li Li said:
  4. Kelly said:

    That is ADORABLE!! And very creative! : }

    Basically what I’m doing is that I’m giving him a memory box with some stuff I put together for him. I also made him a really nice card with a heartfelt poem that I wrote. I made him a poem book with pictures I have taken as well. : } I’m doing all this stuff because Valentine’s is our first anniversary. ♥

    Well, I found this great website that has a lot of other ideas that people sent in if you want anymore. A lot of great ideas… cheap, creative, sweet. So if you need ideas, here ya go:

    It helped me come up with some ideas and stuff.
    Check it out!


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