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Valentines Gift?

Okay, my friend needs some ideas for a valentines gift i thought i’d help her out. Do any of you have any ideas. She’s 14 and her boyfriend is also 14. I know it may seem stupid to get a valentines gift this young, but it’s just something fun to do, you know. So, umm…say anything that you can think of for a good gift. Doesn’t have to be expensive, say 10-40 bucks!

Thanks in advance!

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11 Responses to “Valentines Gift?”

  1. valeria f said:

    A long and special Kiss and a romantic book.

  2. petunia0384 said:

    A handmade Valentine and some candy, on the cheap end of your price range. On the higher end (40ish bucks), cologne. Maybe Curve for Men.

  3. hollicrombie92 said:

    I think the perfect gift at that age is a teddy bear with chocolate or something sweet like that! It’s simple but it means a lot and shows that you care! Good luck and hope you find the perfect gift!

  4. jaz_chris_red said:

    We’ll if they have been going out for a long time then maybe they should know what to give each other! Like maybe that both of them might Cherish and love for a long time! A romantic movie so then at the end they can look into each eyes and might take a long kiss!

  5. Claudia C said:

    Here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

    1. Watch, here are many price ranges:;

    2. leather inspiration bracelets $20.00:

    3. Spin Braid Ring $23.99:

    You can find more unique Valentine’s Days gifts at Yahoo! Shopping’s Valentine’s Gift Center:

    Hope this helps!

  6. elingeriedvdtoys1 said:

    some ideas

  7. trottergirl80 said:

    A giant hershey’s kiss, A Chocolate Chip cookie in the shape of a heart. Make him a chocolate cheesecake, or even better take Chocolate Chip cookie dough and cut it to heart shapes.

  8. sustasue said:

    Forty bucks at fourteen is too much, especially coming from a young girl. She shouldn’t set such a precedence so young, or she may wind up doing expensive things for guys out of habit for the rest of her dating life. A nice photograph of herself in a frame might not be a bad idea.

  9. ................................ said:

    This may sound alittle base, but if u cannot think of any thing ur self then do nothing. just tell him how u feel. $ is not a sign of affection. emotions can not truly be bought. sex can of course but nothing else. ur feelings is the best gift u can give!

  10. POET said:

    a nice leather journal that he or she can express their thoughts wishes happy and sad times that they hope to share together and they can do it together over dinner

  11. Saphera said:



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