Valentines gift for teacher?

I forgot to get a valentines gift for one of my teachers and cant think of what to get him. Does any one have any ideas for a nice gift that’s not expensive?

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4 Responses to “Valentines gift for teacher?”

  1. Notsayn Notsyn said:

    those cute cards for teachers. or maybe something that involves red….. just a suggestion….

  2. angels5262 said:

    well, i would go to the dollar store and get him a emergency kit and every time he cuts him self it will come in handy and he will remember you for this great gift he received on valentine day .

  3. Sawyer Alexander said:

    I think that you should check out this valentines magic site… its not free but the ideas that are in it for valentines day are amazing and totally worth it. Personally i was really scared for this valentines day because i couldnt think of anything that i thought was good enough, but now im KNOW tomarrow is going to be amazing.

    Check it out

  4. Mitchell said:

    How about a thank you gift for the teacher…

    flowers wilt, candies makes you fat… good luck last forever…

    they will remember you for it

    You will be all the reason of good luck for future to come.


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