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Valentines dilema- What should i do????? from anna?

I’ve been dating this guy for about eight months now and last week he asked me to keep valentines night free. I told him i couldn’t as i had made plans with my single girlfriends and feel like i would be deserting them if i pulled out now. He seemed to be quite upset by this response… I wasn’t sure whether he would want to do anything on valentines anyway. I’ve waited for guys before and ended up sitting at home eating ice cream. Should he understand that my girlfriends are important to me or should i break my plans with the girls and go with him???

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3 Responses to “Valentines dilema- What should i do????? from anna?”

  1. Alex B said:

    if you are dating somebody why would you even commit to going and being with your single friends? thats doesnt make any sense plus if it was a regular occasion it would be different but your supposed ot be with him.

  2. Offering Advice said:

    If your bf broke up with you you’d probably be all depressed. If you love him you shouldn’t be leaving him for friends. You’d hate it if you wanted him free and he went with his friends to a strip club, bar or something right?

  3. Jordan K said:

    Maybe you can make time for both of them. Like ask your girlfriends if you can move your plans till saturday or something and then go out with ut bf.


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