Should you sign a valentine’s card from your soul mate?

Its valentine’s day coming up, and I’m going to make a card for my girlfriend. I would like to know, should i sign the card from me (my name) or simply ‘your soul mate’? Thanks for any help.

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6 Responses to “Should you sign a valentine’s card from your soul mate?”

  1. jOH!™ said:

    Sign it. She has to know who it is, well unless you want a restraining order.

  2. Cari said:

    very emotional guy you are….you ok?

  3. killer tofu ☆ said:

    why the hell not?

  4. Cam said:

    Address her as your “meatloaf” and you can sign it “your ketchup” or something corny like that, depending on your category of nerdiness. Mine is food, I guess. What’s yours?

    That way, you’ll hint at your soulmateness, and you’ll be funny and romantic at the same time. Win/win/win situation!

  5. .SmileSmileSmile. said:

    Sounds like a really sweet idea. 🙂

    BUT it depends on the girl.

    Is she the kind of girl who believes in soul mates and destiny?

    And also, how long have you two been a happy couple? 😀
    if you’ve only gone out for a month or two, then it could come across as creepy. But longer then that, it would be really adorable.

    Good luck! 🙂

  6. djigite said:
  7. Rosemaryg said:


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