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Valentines Day idea involving a dog? What’s something cute I can do?

I’m getting my boyfriend a dog for valentines day, a necklace, a heart shaped cookie that says “i love you babe”, & of course a card. I really need a cute idea to involve the dog in one of these gifts..or an idea to do with the dog to involve it?? Please give me any ideas

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3 Responses to “Valentines Day idea involving a dog? What’s something cute I can do?”

  1. cynthiajoyolson said:

    does she like dogs? if she does then get a yorkie or a puppy german sheperd.

  2. CubanCutie said:

    well you can’t really put the dog with the necklace or cookie cuz it might eat it but what i think would be cute is getting a big bow and putting it on the dog then you could maybe put it in a big box, that has holes in the side that he cant see, and putting a big ribbon on the box too (just make sure you have enough holes so the dog can breath)
    if its too big for a box then blind fold your boyfriend and bring the dog out and then have him take off the blindfold, but i would still have a big bow around the dogs neck (just make sure its not too tight and watch the dog in case he wants to chew it off so he won’t choke on it)
    hope this helps!!!

  3. luckypatches235 said:

    u mean girlfriend rite?


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