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What is something cute to put in a Valentines card?

Me and this boy just started dating like three days ago but i really do like him but its not love or anything, so i’m planning on making him a card so what should it say. please help i’m a little confused because mostly anything anyone has given me is about love so any ideas?

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3 Responses to “What is something cute to put in a Valentines card?”

  1. uh OH its ME said:

    Happy Valentines Day!
    Your special to me so on this day
    im sending you xo’s all your way!
    You have the best smiles
    and most heart warming hugs
    Im addicted to you.
    its like your my drug ! (X:
    your name...

  2. Allie F said:

    You could google some cute poems…

    i love this site,
    they have the best quotes/poems ect.
    Happy Vdayy(:

  3. lanrry said:

    visit for all kinds and you be glad you did


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