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Cute idea for valentines?

My boyfriend and I were planning to go hiking on Saturday for Valentines. But he’s had a bad backache for 3 days now, and I think he’ll get better in time.

We’re still planning to spend time together, and I wanted to do something nice for him. Any cute ideas?

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4 Responses to “Cute idea for valentines?”

  1. Baca09 said:

    Maybe you could buy a bunch of oils and give him a back rub while you guys watch a nature movie lol no but a nice back rub and just spending time with him will be enough, maybe even make dinner 🙂 happy vday

  2. Relationship Expert said:

    Show your sympathy that he is sick, and don’t let on that you are disappointed that you can’t go on your planned trip. Men like women that are adaptable. Why not plan to stay at home and watch a movie? There are plenty of “cute” romantic movies that will fit the occasion. 😉 This is your chance to pamper him. Serve him ice tea with a straw, make popcorn, message his feet, play scrabble, etc. Pamper him and I guarantee he won’t forget it!

  3. emily h. said:

    surprise him and go to his house with some soup and foood and a movie :]
    then after ice cream

  4. James W said:

    You can go for picnic, movie and do candle light dinner.

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